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K750 Cable 3 in 1 Problem [iPmart cable K750 PINOUT]

Asalamualaikum WR WB

       Perhaps among my friends there who experienced the same thing as I did. This event occurs when the cable setool flash mine lost some where missing. Finally I had to buy a new flash cable for SE TOOL 3 Platinum which I use so that I can do my job as usual. But there is one problem when I bought the SE TOOL Platinum wires were not there. Finally I decided to buy a cable made ​​iPmart setool flash, flash cable which has a built-in 3in1 cable. For me it could be simpler.
       But who would have thought it iPmart flash cable does not work at all for SE TOOL 3 Platinum that I use. Angry and swore it was my habit when I was disappointed by the things I've bought but not useful. Finally, because the work is already piling up and can not be postponed again, I decided to modify the  iPmart flash cables so that they can be used.

       And my efforts were not in vain. In this post I will give examples of how to change iPmart 3in1 cable used for flashing K750 phones and the K750 has a similar pinout. For others I will post in turn.

Knowing them for the first step :


Here's how to change the flash cable pinout for K750 3in1 iPmart

1. Open the box where the PCB connector iPmart pin cable located.
2. Unplug all cables are soldered to the PCB in the.

3. The first time you change the layout of the RJ45 cable according to the arrangement that I gave at the picture below.
4. After you rearrange the pin RJ45 cable connector on the PCB next step is to rearrange the composition of the USB cable connected to the K750:

The correct arrangement such as the following list:

RJ45 Pins:                                           K750 USB Pins:

       1                   connected to                      1
       2                   connected to                      3
       3                   connected to                      2
       4                   connected to                      7
       5                   connected to                      8
       6                   connected to                      5
       7                   connected to                      4
       8                   No Connection               NC

       Once completed it is time we try to use iPmart flash cable 3in1 that we have this modification process for sony ericsson K510i flashing using SE TOOL 3 Platinum flasher box [ K510i Pinout same as K750 ].

       Open your setool2g program, select the tab and then select the type SonyEricsson K510i mobile phone or cell phone with the same pinout USB K750.
       Click Identify, see the log setool2g whether it can recognize your phone.

       Next click on Read GDFS and look at the log setool2g whether phones GDFS read properly.

       Then try to do the Read Flash phone. Note also log setool2g does bring up all the phone data.

       When you replicate what I described and modeled on the drawing without error God willing will succeed.
       Hopefully this review helpful to my friends. Performed this experiment without replicate the work of others, purely the result of the brain thought hari Setyawan.
thank you

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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