Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Repair Bad Application On NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic RM-356


Again i will show how to repairing some bad application happens to NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic. Some Features on this phone won't run when try to opening.
What we need for this job are : UFS Tornado or you can use mobileEx dongle with USB cable, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic RM-356 firmware and the last one is our brainware.

1. Run UFS_DCTxBB5. Connect it to your PC.
flashing nokia 5800-1
Tab BB5 and choose RM-356 on the Phone Type then Check
2. Make a little change on UFS Tornado settings like i do on the below picture. It's the most safety way for me to do flashing any phone.
flashing nokia 5800-2
3. I'm so sorry to all of my friends comes to this blog, that i could not give you more complete demos pictures. Because this blog now become to slow to load, i think the pictures here is the one of it causes. So i can not give you more clear steps indeed. Again sorry 'bout that.
4. Give Files and Settings Fields at least Content file or other like MCU and or PPM. Then hit Info of the phone software. You can perform more additional task on UFS to backup something important from the phone.
flashing nokia 5800-3
5. If you do Verify [ works only for BB5 generation ] you can read the trouble happens to the phone exactly. But i'm not showing and explain it's by now. My other posted has explain that clearly.
6. Just because what we want to fix is only the phone bad application that mean we do not really want any other of UDA file [ it's contents trailer ]. If UDA has ready on the field now hit Write Flash and wait it completion.
flashing nokia 5800-4
7. After Flashing finished now time to reset all setting of the phone to finalizing. Tick some options on UI Options then hit UI Settings. And wait for all OK messages shown up. FINISH.
flashing nokia 5800-5
Disconnect UFS. Remove phone out of UFS Tornado and turn it on. Try any application that wasn't running before such as Facebook or Tweeter application. 

NOTE : You can use highest UDA version even the phone has lower MCU and PPM firmware version. I am doing that so you do not need to be afraid.


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