Thursday, April 25, 2013




MODEL                                         | VER    |   PDA                |    CSC                |      SIZE     |

GT-B5330-GALAXY Chat                 4.0.4    B5330XWALI2    B5330OLBALI1     459 MB       
GT-B7510-GALAXY M                                  B7510DXKP8     B7510OLBKP8     139.6 MB
GT-I5700-GALAXY Spica                             I5700DXJC4       I5700OLBJC4            93 MB    
GT-I8150-GALAXY W                       2.3.6    I8150DXLM3      I8150OLBLD1        331.5 MB
GT-I8160-GALAXY Ace 2                 2.3.6    I8160DXMA1      I8160OLBMA1       423.6 MB   
GT-I8190-GALAXY S III Mini            4.1.2    I8190DXAMA2   I8190OLBAMA2     639.2 MB 
GT-I8530-GALAXY Beam                 2.3.6    I8530DXLJ1       I8530OLBJ1           348 MB      
GT-I9003-GALAXY S SL                  2.3.4     i9003DXKP9##  I9003LBKP7          200.5 MB
GT-I9070-GALAXY S Advance         2.3.6    I9070DXLK2       I9070OLBLK2        493.2 MB   
GT-I9082-GALAXY Grand DUOS      4.1.2    I9082XXAMCE   I9082OLBAMC4     774.6 MB
GT-I9100-GALAXY S II                     4.0.4    I9100DXLPF       I9100OLBLPF        369.4 MB   
GT-I9300-GALAXY S III                    4.1.2    I9300XXEMA2    I9300OLBEMA1     849.7 MB
GT-N5100-GALAXY Note 8.0            4.1.2    N5100XXBMC9  N5100OLBBMC8    1200.3 MB 
GT-N7000-GALAXY Note                  4.1.2    N7000DXLSE     N7000LLBLSE        739.8 MB
GT-N7100-GALAXY Note II               4.1.2    N7100XXDMB2  N7100OLBDMA4    1079.7 MB 
GT-S5300-GALAXY Pocket               2.3.6    S5300DXLK1     S5300OLBLK2        162.6 MB
GT-S5570-GALAXY Mini                  2.3.6     S5570DXKPD    S5570OLBKPD       125.7 MB   
GT-S5570i-GALAXY Mini                 2.3.6    S5570iDXLF2     S5570iOLBLF2       129.7 MB
GT-S5660-GALAXY Gio                    2.3.6    S5660DXKY8     S5660OLBKT8       131.8 MB   
GT-S5670-GALAXY Fit                     2.3.6    S5670DXKT7      S5670OLBKT7       127.1 MB
GT-S5830-GALAXY Ace                   2.3.6    S5830DXKT5##  S5830OLBKT3       130.1 MB   
GT-S5830i-GALAXY Ace                  2.3.6    S5830iDXMC1    S5830iOLBLD1       141.5 MB
GT-S6102-GALAXY Y Duos              2.3.6    S6102DXMA2     S6102OLBMA1       135.4 MB  
GT-S6500D-GALAXY Mini 2             2.3.6    S6500DDXLD1    S6500DOLBLD1      231 MB
GT-S6802                                         2.3.6     S6802DXMA1     S6802OLBLF3        186.5 MB  
GT-S6810                                         4.1.2     S6810XXAMC1   S6810OLBAMC3    498.2 MB 
GT-S7500-GALAXY Ace Plus            2.3.6    S7500DXLH1      SS7500OLBLF1      244.8 MB  
GT-S7562                                         4.0.4     S7562XXALJ4    S7562OLBALH5      511.4 MB
YP-G70-GALAXY Player 5.0                          G70DXKP6         G70DXKP6              183.3 MB  

GT-S5253-Wave 525                         1.1        S5253DXKC1      S5253OLBJJ2         130 MB   
GT-S5333-Wave 533                         1.1       S5333DXKC2       S5333OLBKC1        120.7 MB
GT-S5360-GALAXY Y                       2.3.6     S5360DXLE1       S5360QLBMA1       131.3 MB   
GT-S8530-Wave II                             2.0       S8530DXLD1        S8530OLBLE1        216.8 MB

If you like to try than waiting via KIES you can download what you need, just click blue letters
Thousands thank to samfirmware team

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SETool v1.1297 New Update 22042013 [ How To Download ]


As the most consistent team, now setool box team has just released new version of SETool Box. Yes, this version is v1.1297 released on 2013 04 22 [ when the support not ready ]. But have you been touching support area successfully? if you haven't, try this tricks to your Windows so you can click Go Support then go there.
OKAY first copy these ip address to Notepad or whatever else your text editor:


Have you know to do ?
Let's do it :

1. Close all programs in running.
2. Double click My Computer or Start > My Computer. On the left pane click localdisk C: so it will show you the drop down list. Then click Windows folder and click on System32 folder.

3. Click 2x System32 folder and you'll found folder name drivers.

4. When drivers folder opened by double click on it open etc folder for next step.

5. Then right click on host <file> not host folder and choose Open.

6. Choice Notepad on the next window to open file.

7. When the host file opened in notepad, now you need to add both ip address above at the very last of file.

8. Next step is to reboot your pc as needed. Then connect SETool Box to your pc and run it. Click Go Support when it has open.

9. At the first you come to the site it will show you the new version ready to download.

These all will not so long just like the descriptions as above i explain to you all. But it better then my friends still confuse on how to go to the
Thank you very much for all your attentions and have a good time with your new version of setool2g.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Support boyongan [moving to a new server]


Kabar terupdate untuk pengguna setool flasher box, bahwasanya sampai paling lambat tanggal 23042013 tempat anda mendownload firmware flashing produk SONY ERICSSON dan atau SONY belum dapat beroperasi. Hal ini dikarenakan masih dalam proses pemindahan [moving] seluruh data yang tersedia pada server lama. Apabila anda meng-klik Go to Support setool maka akan terbuka pemberitahuan tersebut pada browser anda.

Semoga dengan perubahan ini akan diperoleh layanan yang jauh lebih baik dari server yang sebelumnya.
Atas kepercayaan anda setool menyampaikan terima kasih

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LG T300 No Sound


No Receive sound, No MP3 sound, No Ring




wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fixing SAMSUNG GT-B3410 Flexible


I'm performing this to resolving problem on the phone can't be turn on. If we make a test using the PSU we will see that there will be no signal on the VU when power button on the phone pressed.
By this we say there is something wrong with the button. Take a look at the process.

1. Open the back case of phone

2. Open 2 screws for tighten the metal cap and pull out Flex socket out of connector

3. Take out main board out of the case, next open 8 screws to release whole back case and or keyboard case.

4. Now you left the display case only. Open 4 screws exist, note: for the 2 screws with arrows sign are hidden under round black colored tape. So remove the tape first.

5. Open up the display back case so you can see next tip of second Flex socket and pull it out of its connector.

6. Take a look at the broken Flex bellow so you can see little break right on the side of lines for front keypad. Replace it with the new

7. For you who wan to know the firmware version run on your phone system you can check the round white sticker on CPU chip. That's the correct firmware version for your phone region.

Thank you for your coming

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Sunday, April 14, 2013

ODIN Multi Downloader [ SAMSUNG Tool ]


Next Update will present as soon as ready to uploaded

1. ODIN3 v1.70       

2. ODIN3 v1.81      

3. ODIN3 v1.82       

4. ODIN3 v1.83       

5. ODIN3 v1.84       

6. ODIN3 v1.85       

7. ODIN3 v1.87       

8. ODIN3 v3.06       

9. ODIN3 v3.07       

10. ODIN3 v3.98    

11. ODIN4 v4.03     

12. ODIN4 v4.16     

13. ODIN4 v4.28     

14. ODIN4 v4.34     

15. ODIN4 v4.38     

16. ODIN4 v4.42     

17. ODIN4 v4.43     

18. ODIN4 v4.252   

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]