Monday, April 15, 2013

Fixing SAMSUNG GT-B3410 Flexible


I'm performing this to resolving problem on the phone can't be turn on. If we make a test using the PSU we will see that there will be no signal on the VU when power button on the phone pressed.
By this we say there is something wrong with the button. Take a look at the process.

1. Open the back case of phone

2. Open 2 screws for tighten the metal cap and pull out Flex socket out of connector

3. Take out main board out of the case, next open 8 screws to release whole back case and or keyboard case.

4. Now you left the display case only. Open 4 screws exist, note: for the 2 screws with arrows sign are hidden under round black colored tape. So remove the tape first.

5. Open up the display back case so you can see next tip of second Flex socket and pull it out of its connector.

6. Take a look at the broken Flex bellow so you can see little break right on the side of lines for front keypad. Replace it with the new

7. For you who wan to know the firmware version run on your phone system you can check the round white sticker on CPU chip. That's the correct firmware version for your phone region.

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