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Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.001.49220(2014.01.13)


Phoenix Service Software 2012.50.001.49220(2014.01.13) by seidea

Version 2: 13.01.2014: New Product API installation package and new cmntucsonui.dll added to fix BB5 Certificate Restore error
Please use these additional components only if you experience problems with BB5 Certificare Restore (RM-799, RM-863). Error message “.. Failed to write Tucson data, Security: writing Simlock data, product returned signature error..:”

!!!Development of Phoenix service software has been discontinued, complete installation packages will not be released anymore. Therefore these components must be used to update Phoenix!!!

Install latest Phoenix service software (version in this article)
Run TSS_Product_API.exe
Select “Install Product API” – option
After TSS_Product_API has been installed, copy “cmntucsonui.dll” to following directory on your PC. please replace the existing version of dll with new one.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix – directory on 64 bit machine
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix -directory on 32 bit machine

Main component versions in the release:

Product API 2012.46.2.49145
Nokia Connectivity Cable USB Driver Version
Flash Update Package 12.49.0
FUSE Connection Manager v 2012.51.1


Error Corrections & changes:
New products: RM-647
New products are not implemented to Phoenix anymore. Phoenix development is closed.

Phoenix installation requires a network connection if DOT.NET framework 4.0 is not installed on PC
(.NET framework is downloaded from web during phoenix installation).

New common data package location in use. Please see document SR1315 in KICS Information Center for further information.
All Nokia Service Software Applications will use following location for product specific data:
- Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Nokia\Packages
- Windows 7: C:\Program Data\Nokia\Packages

Please see articles SR1774 for more information on the use of Nokia Data Package manager – tool, and article SR1854 for more information on the Nokia Service Application Manager Tool.
During installation, Data Packages should be installed in these directories, if they install to any other location by default. Target folder for local data packages can be changed in the installation wizard manually.
This version contains the latest Tucson components. Therefore do not use Tucson Add-On Installation Packages.
Before you start Phoenix or Care Suite installation to Windows 7 the User Account Control (UAC) should be turned off from Windows Control Panel settings.
For more information concerning new options in “Firmware Update” – menu and their use, Please see documents SR1313 and SR1659 in KICS Information Center.
Tucson operations combined with “flash” – option are now handled in the same way as “refurbishment”, which requires Mass Memory Content File to be available.
Use of Flash option simultaneously with product code change for USB Only phones is restricted. It is recommended to flash phone separately with Firmware Update. Please refer to product specific instructions.
Connection media to FLS-5 must be configured to be “USB_FBUS”, after FLS-4 support has been removed FBUS does not work anymore with FLS-5

• FLS-5 drivers do not support 64 bit OS, so phones using FLS-5 /USB_FBUS connection can not be serviced in 64 bit operating systems
• N9- RM-696 Product Code change still unreliable
• Product code change is not working with RM-838, RM-852, RM-843. Please use Product identity tool (SR2872)
• Energy Management Calibration should not be performed for products using the “Quantum” engine (RM-689, RM-702, RM-704 and other product using the same engine)
• Software downgrade with Tucson system is only possible for BB 5.0 products supporting the Data Package 2 concept.
• Flashing with setup FLS-5, SS-46 and product specific adapter is not supported anymore. FLS-5 can be used with other product specific cables and adapters, but not with SS-46 Interface Adapter.
• If you install old DCT-4 data packages, Flash Update Package File installation path may be wrong. This is caused by very old DCT-4 data packages which contain Flash Update Package and overwrite current information during installation. If you experience problems when updating FPS-x prommers, please check that Phoenix “Prommer maintenance” is looking for the files from the correct location which is “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Tss\Flash”. If not, Phoenix will show error “Update via ini – file failed”. In this case, select “Update” from that Phoenix “Prommer maintenance” – UI, browse to correct directory and select “fpsxupd.ini” for all other prommers except the FPS-8.
• FPS-21 flashing for RX-51 works only with TCPIP connection. FPS-21 prommer with new HW version 11 has been released to correct this. Sales pack code is 0089J83 , old HW version is not delivered anymore
• Please refer to product specific documents and instructions concerning the limitations of the RX-51 product
• When version 2010_12_8_42304 or newer with FUSE connection manager is installed on top of older Phoenix versions, there may be an additional delay of several minutes when you start Phoenix for the first time. Please wait patiently; Phoenix will start after configuration is finished.
• After you close Phoenix, it may not restart. To rectify this:
- Use Windows Task Manager to manually shut down phoenix.exe and FuseService.exe processes, or optionally restart your PC
• It is not possible to program Mass Media Content file to some devices over direct USB cable connection, due to the large size of the file. For these models a feature called “Media Check” has been implemented. When this type of product is connected to service software / PC via direct USB cable the refurbishment option will be disabled. Please use a flash prommer. Affected products using Media Check are: RM-122, RM-175, RM-176, RM-186, RM-246, RM-247, RM-296, RM-297, RM-320, RM-462, RM-472, RM-484, RM-505, RM-555, RM-559
• To be able to use the help files in Windows 7 you need to install Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7. Ways to locate WinHlp32.exe:
- Start Phoenix with online connection to Internet, select “Help” and “Phoenix help”. Click the “Microsoft Help and Support” website link. Download WinHlp32 and install it.- Go to http://www.microsoft.com. Type “WinHlp32″ to “Search Microsoft.com” – field. Locate Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7 and install it
• When using flash prommers, only one connection type to one prommer is allowed. Please use either NFPD USB or NFPD TCPIP connection to one prommer, not both connections to same prommer

Supported operating systems
• Windows 7 32 Bit version
• Windows 7 64 Bit version (Please note that FLS-5 drivers do not support Win 7 64 bit OS, therefore FLS-5 can not be used in this operating system)

Download Link:
2012.50.001.49220Phoenix Service Software

To intercept download using IDM on Bitshare, click Regular Mode for free user > waiting time > captcha verification.
After captcha verification will show Start Download. Do not click the button without holding and press Alt+Ctrl keys on your keyboard.
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Friday, May 23, 2014

BlackBerry Q10 www.bberror.com/bb10-0015 error code [ The solution ]


NOTE: to every of you who use blackberry, backup your phone to PC before something goes wrong to the device. If you don't you won't bring back any, especially to BlackBerry 10 OS.
            If you in a task like wiping the device do not try to stop it on running, this is a fatal error.

This BlackBerry 10 OS Q10 has problem with error code say 'www.bberror.com/bb10-0015'. That's mean you have to go to the url on your PC to read how to resolved that.

First to do when it happens to the device:
Download and install ltest BlackBerry Link to PC or MAC. Reboot after finished.
If you have already installed BlackBerry Desktop Software for lowest Blackberry OS change setting on it. Go to: Tool>uncheck the word 'Start BlackBerry Desktop when a device connected'.
If you do not, it will disturbing you during process.

How to resolving:

1. Turn off the device do not connect to PC
2. Run BlackBerry Link, once it's open connect usb to the device and PC. If you lucky your device will shown on Device heading.
Forget message 'Cannot Communicate with Device' if Device heading has showing BlackBerry Q10 next you need to do is click 'Reload'. A pop-up will come to confirm with 'Yes' button, because it's too late to backup your data and everything on your device. Nothing can be save anymore.
Or you can go to 'Preference' if something wrong, then choose 'Reload Device Software' > Reload > Close.
Next do the same as above.

3. Now the device software start to download wait with patience until it's 100% downloaded. Do not doing anything during the process. Or you'll send you device to the box.

4. After downloading completed it will extract and load the software to the device. It's won't be long just waiting 'till finished.

5. After 'Flashing' completed BlackBerry Link will boot and rebuild the connection to the device, it doesn't matter if failed. Next pop-up will a matter to you if do not says like this:

Because your device need some setting at first load before it's work, that is the reasons. Unplug usb on device and give settings and follow the steps. You can skip unnecessary setting you don't want. Don't forget to see on the bottom left corner of BlackBerry Link says.

7. After the device settings and you plug in back usb to device, it's knows that you connected the BlackBerry Q10. And make a backup if you want. Because it also make your time more saver when same trouble happens to the device. Since now all have finished. But remember that NO DATA WILL BACK !!!

I'm using sharing connection with 5,2 MB speed and it taken three and half hours to complete downloading, as you know there will be more than 990mb file size before extracted to download. If you use a weak connection i recommend you not to do this. I also have tried using 3,2 MB/sec of EVDO connection it tooks 13 hours [ no sleeping time since 10 o'clock at night until 2 o'clock next day ] and stopped on 91% downloading. It terrible. If you have 512 KB or upper dial-up cable connection i guarantee you will make it. THANK YOU

wasalamualaikum wr wb
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

YAGI ANTENNA FOR 800Mhz 1XEVDO [ home made ]


Few days ago i have posted how to gathering EVDO signal using a small simple quad antenna. Today i make the same topic about EVDO. Some experiments i have made with antenna, one has posted few days ago. Now i will give you other antenna prototype, this anternna is directional antenna. And the model very-very famous of all antenna models. This is a YAGI antenna.
What we need to build this kind of antenna ?
[ Sorry ] I always trying to experiment with low cost for everything i do, i prefer to recycle than buying new materials for experimental. But don't worry 'cause it's working. Here the materials need to build YAGI:
1. Aluminium pipe with 10 mm diameter to use as BOOM [ recycling an fm antenna ]
2. NYA cable with 1.5 mm diameter including it's shield
3. Screws and glue

First to build the antenna you can cut the cable with different length for directors and reflector. Do not remove cable shield because we will use some of them to be isolator for all directors and reflector to the boom pipe. So they wan't connected to each other.
Make point to drill on the boom with different gap wide, we will need 14 holes side by side on the boom. Then you might to drill 'em as same as the cable diameter we use. 
Here the measurements of all elements and gap for the directors and reflector :
I use only single reflector for my experimental YAGI antenna which is the longest element among all. You can make more for experiment by two or three stack reflector. This prototype actually having a driven to connect it to the antenna jack on the modem, but i don't want make more complicated. So i replace the driven using the modem placed to the boom directly. After all elements has made, now you can place them all to the boom. Look at this fig.
To place the modem onto the boom use the gap of director number 2 and 3. For best signal receive you can move it by slide to the front or back 'till gathering best signal receive. See the fig below.
NOTE : For save internet connection you can make setting on app by choosing Hybrid connection. So you won't lost connection when loose EVDO connection, 'cause it will automatically change to CDMA 1X connection. The establish connection will show on the modem app, or you can Open Network and Sharing Center on Windows to proof it.
To compare the different connection speed before end after using antenna, you can try to open a web page. See how long the page will show all. On the trial i open fuckbook page.
The download time is also different at all. Using IDM for downloading AVIRA free that 130 mb size from FileHippo i need two days to complete before using antenna. Exciting!!! with the antenna i need less 1 hour to complete the download. NICE RECYCLE TRICK
The most value is your own hands. Thousands will save for useless expensive brand new product that you can made by your own hands. THIS IS A HAND MADE YAGI ANTENNA


wasalamualaikum wr wb

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Buat Sendiri Penguat Sinyal CDMA 1xEVDO 800Mhz


Beranjak dari pengalaman berhenti berlangganan Telkom Speedy, yang kemudian beralih menggunakan paket Flexi Broadband ( dlm rangka menghemat pengeluaran..he..hee..hee..). Dengan semboyan memberi layanan hingga kecepatan 3,1Mbps akhirnya indera perasa tergiur juga. Namun betapa kecewanya setelah mencoba dan mengetahui kennyataan yang ada. Koneksi yang saya dapat ternyata tak seheboh semboyan nya. Perlu rekan-rekan ketahui bahwa domisili saya berjarak 35Km dari pusat kota Malang. Dan perlu anda ketahui juga bahwa sesungguhnya iklan menggiurkan dari 'semua' provider internet anda hanya berlaku untuk masyarakat yang hidup di tengah kota besar dan berjarak tidak lebih dari 5 km dari BTS mereka ( ayo jujur para provider, orang desa bukan orang goblok. Dan perlu kau ketahui orang-orang kota yang pandai, 80% mereka berasal dari desa. Yang notabene kalian anak tirikan dalam pelayanan. Dasar bangsaaat..).
Kita di akali, maka kita harus mengakali balik manusia-manusia bejat bermulut manis tersebut. Berfikir akan memperoleh Speed 3,1Mbps ( baca: hanya bisa diperoleh dengan jaringan EVDO ) ternyata hanya memperoleh Speed 152kbps dari jaringan CDMA 1X ( problem inilah yang membuat saya vakum posting untuk beberapa waktu, padahal banyak kasus menarik yang akan saya posting).
Beruntung saya pernah berkicimpung dalam dunia Pemancar FM, sehingga sedikit mengerti tentang antena. Dari rumus rancang bangun antena yang sederhana, dimana : Panjang gelombang = 300/Frekwensi. Rumus sederhana inilah yang digunakan para ahli antena yang sering membuat karya tulis di ARRL Antenna Handbook. Terbersit keinginan untuk memperooleh jangkauan sinyal EVDO dengan menggunakan antena.
Beberapa prototype telah saya buat dari yang sederhana dengan sistim 1/4 panjang gelombang Dipole hingga menggunakan directional Yagi telah saya coba. Namun akhirnya pilihan jatuh pada pilihan yang akan saya jelaskan untuk rekan-rekan. Mengapa saya lebih memilih model ini, karena bentukknya yang mungil, tidak perlu biaya ekstra ( mahal ) namun mampu menhadirkan 4bar sinyal EVDO yang stabil ke dalam kamar tidur saya ( bahkan saat diluar peak mampu mencapai full 5bar konsisten ). Kecil tapi hebat, saya menyebutnya antena SEMUT API. Kecil tapi bila menyengat maka tubuh terasa panas.

Baik tidak usah panjang lebar, langsung siapkan bahan dan peralatan berikut ini:
1. 1 lembar kertas HVS baru atau bekas tidak ada masalah yang pensing salah satu bagiannya masih kosong/polos.
2. Potlot
3. Penggaris besi siku, bila tidak punya pinjam tetangga yang berprofesi sebagai tukang kayu.
4. Beberapa biji paku triplek dan Papan kayu atau Triplek tebal (1cm ketebalan)
5. Kabel jaringan listrik PLN untuk rumah tangga ( 1 meter, sisanya untuk membuat gelang he..hee..heee..)
6. Solder dan Timah
7. Tang potong dan pisau Cutter.
8. PIG TAIL ( kabel dengan port USB dikedua ujungnya ) jika diperlukan.

Berikut cara mengolah bahan-bahan tersebut menjadi adonan siap pakai:
1. Bagi ukuran kertas HVS menjadi 2 ukuran yang sama panjang dan lebarnya. Buatlah gambar seperti gambar berikut ini. Setelah jadi, letakkan gambar tesebut di atas sebilah papan atau triplek.
2. Ukuran garis-garis pada gambar adalah sebagai berikut:
   -Untuk garis pada kotak persegi panjang disebelah kanan dari gambar:
   *Panjang = 79 mm
   *Lebar    = 158 mm
   -Untuk garis yang berbentuk 2 kubus miring di sebelah kiri gambar:
   *Tiap-tiap garis yang saling terhubung dan membentuk dua kubus tersebut memiliki panjang = 38,5 mm
3. Setelah gambar selesai dan telah anda letakkan pada sebilah papan/triplek maka, tancapkanlah sebiji paku pada tiap-tiap titik pertemuan garis-garis tesebut (sudut). Paku hanya perlu ditancapkan 1/3 bagian saja. Cara ini saya adopsi dari cara tukang bangunan dalam mempersiapkan besi calon rangka tiang cor.
4. Kupas kulit kabel tembaga NYA dengan diameter 1,5mm ( akan lebih baik bila anda dapat menemukan kawat berlapis email ). Letakkan kawat pada sisi dalam paku yang menancap, kemudian pada bagian dalam kawat tancapkan lagi paku. Lakukan hal yang sama pada setiap sudut. Gunanya adalah ketika anda menekuk kawat maka akan tercipta sebuah sudut yang presisi 90 derajat ( mudahkan kan triknya he..hee..hee...). Ini namanya rumus Mata Memandang Otak Berfikir.
5. Setelah kedua bentuk kawat antena ini terbentuk, kemudian masih menggunakan bantuan kertas dan gambarnya yang ada, lepaskan kawat yang telah membentuk persegi panjang dan satukan dengan yang berbentuk 2 buah kubus miring. Setelah posisi keduanya presisi, beri penyangga pada beberapa sudut kawat yang berbentuk kubus ke kawat yang berbentuk persegi panjang kemudian disolder menggunakan solder filamen berkekuatan 40 watt agar cepat dan kuat menempel satu sama lain. 
Pada ujung kawat yang dibentuk menjadi 2 kubus kembar, sisakam 10 cm yang akan kita gunakan sebagai pembangkit induktansi sinyal ke MODEM USB anda. Kira-kira diperlukan 1,5 sampai 2 lilit. Sebelum dililitkan pada bodi USB MODEM, sisakan 2 cm dari pangkal sambungan akhir kawat berbentuk kubus kembar.

 Bagi anda yang biasa berkecimpung di dunia Citizen Band 2 meter, tentu bentuk antena seperti ini sudah bukan barang yang asing. Namun karena frekwensi jauh lebih tinggi maka memungkinkan bentuknya jadi amat sangat lebih minimalis.

Kini antena telah selesai di rakit dan siap di uji coba. Namun perhatikan gambar-gambar berikut ini sebagai pembanding kekuatan sinyal yang diperoleh sebelum dan sesudah menggunakan antena.
Modem yang saya gunakan ber-merk FlashOne bundling Flexi yang telah saya Unlock sehingga dapat digunakan untuk operator CDMA lainnya. Sebagai catatan di negeri kita INDONESIA jaringan CDMA berjalan pada frekwensi 800Mhz baik itu CDMA 1X maupun EVDO Rev A. Sedangkan EVDO Rev B berjalan di frekwensi 1900 Mhz. Di INDONESIA hanya SmartFren yang memakai karena diakui Qualcomm produk EVDO Rev B tidak dilanjutkan akibat kegagalannya di jaringan tersebut.
Berikut ini adalah gambar yang menunjukkan sebelum saya menambahkan antena pada modem. Dimana hanya mampu menangkap sinyal CDMA 1X:
Gambar menyampaikan pesan bahwa sinyal 1XEVDO hanya bualan iklan BULLSHIT. Dan ketika dipaksa pada jaringan CDMA 1X lihat kecepatan yang saya dapat pada gambar berikut:
Bahkan ketika mencoba uji kecepatan koneksi di OOKLA tak sekalipun memperoleh hasil.
Berikut ini hasil uji koneksi setelah menggunakan bantuan antena sebagai penguat sinyal tambahan.
Perhatikan dengan cermat indikator bar EVDO sambil memutar arah antena menghadap dan amati perubahan naik atau turunnya bar sinyal. Jika ditemukan arah yang menghasilkan bar yang cukup kuat maka hentikan memutar arah antena dan biarkan selama 3 sampai 5 menit. Sambil perhatikan perubahan pada indikator bar sinyal, adakalanya akan naik atau turun. jika penurunan masih dalam kondisi normal yakni tidak sampai menyebabkan indikator bar sinyal EVDO hilang sama sekali. Hal tersebut menunjukan seberapa kuat sinyal EVDO yang anda peroleh sesungguhnya. Jika tidak terjadi drop sinyal sampai 0 (nol) maka anda sudah dapat klik tombol Connect pada pilihan EVDO. Pada kasus saya sinyal stabil di 4 bar dan kadang naik jadi full 5 bar. Sejak saat itulah saya mulai dapat membuat posting dan upload gambar di blogger. ALHAMDULILLAH....ternyata tak semudah yang dibayangkan orang pandai dalam rangka ngakali atau mempecundangi orang desa. Bahkan berbalik jadi bumerang bagi mereka sendiri. Dengan 17.000 perak per minggu bisa memperoleh Speed 3,1 Mbps, lihat buktinya:
Dengan sedikit bantuan PIG TAIL sepanjang 1 meter saya letakkan USB MODEM + ANTENA di sebelah jendela kamar dan saya hadapkan menuju titik 0 derajat UTARA dengan ditopang pipa aluminium bekas antena VHF pesawat televisi. Kini bikin postingan pakai koneksi murahan sudah bukan masalah buat wong ndeso.
Hasil tes dengan mesin OOKLA:

Jangan takut kerugian dari pengeluaran biaya, tanpa kerugian anda tak akan pernah memperoleh keuntungan.

wasalamualaikum wr wb
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

NOKIA C1 No Lights

The problem come when this device trying to practice swimming to the swimming pool.
The device completely dead cause of short circuits. Have fixed and have the second live on the DC psu detection. But its truly dark at all. I can only heard NOKIA start up sound to indicate the device is work.
Commonly with the type of its LCD, it will has lights on when replacing the LCD with the new one.
but it doesn't work for the light. Its only give me ui on the LCD, but its more better i think than nothing.
All lines have checked and no problems.
But i loss everything need to lights on. Its terrible. But the way i took may resolving you have as mine. Let try my trial.
First remove INDUCTOR L2401 and FET Transistor V2401. Remove pin number 1,2 and 3 on LCD flex. Don't connect to the pcb. Separate the 3 of flex pin with piece of paper tape, so they won't connected to the pcb.

Next make jumper from flex pins number 1 to number 3 then connect to pin number 4 to make pins number 1 and 3 in grounded condition.
Then make a jumper from lcd flex number 2 go to C2402. And so make a make a jumper from C2409 to the ANODE of diode V2400.
Now turning on the device, see does it bring light on for LCD. If YES check the keyboard light too. Does it lights on. IF no light for the keyboard do this steps.

Remove the LED keyboard V2406 and INDUCTOR L2402.

Then you can make jumpers like below
Now turn on back the device, do you have all your lights works as mine

If everything you have done as same as i show here but you don't bring the lights back, that mean you need more learn the lights process on the device by understanding of what the schematic diagram saying.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MTKDroid Tool v2.5.3 [ rua1 ]

MTKDroid Tool v2.5.3


    Support MT6592. Unlike previous SOC, here, when reading the ROM through the FT, not read block preloader. This block can be backup in the program after obtaining root shell.
    File MTKdroidTools.ini has new variables ScatVer111 and ScatVer112, which listed SOC for which it is necessary to do a new type of scatter the appropriate version. At the moment it V1.1.1 for 6572/82 and 6592 for V1.1.2. If the SOC in these variables is missing, the scatter is the old type. Scatter the appropriate type is done with the backup and from "Block Map".
    When you create a CWM file size compared to the size of the block. If the file size exceeds, then flash it is not offered, but the file is saved. If you choose to create CWM automatically and exceeded its size, we attempt to do CWM of mini template, which excludes the partitioning SD card into 2 parts.
    On phones with ubifs filesystem backup system unit is in 3 forms:
        tar archive. not for FlashTool!
        system.ibifs.img. not for FlashTool!. Of this file under linux you can make an image for Flashtool
        nodl_system.bin. As owners say, this file can flash through FlashTool. It must be edited manually rename and move to a folder for FT. No guarantees, on your own risk!

Further, please go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=49597819&postcount=922

give me file/s

Do not forget to DONATE to rua1 for his hard job to create the tool !!!

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Nokia Software Recovery Tool 1.3.1


by Seidea

Nokia Software Recovery Tool can help you to reset and recover your phone software at home, if your phone is experiencing software related or software update problems. With Windows Phone 8  models, you can also use Nokia Software Recovery Tool  to recover your phone in case your phone is not responding, it appears to be stuck, or it is not starting.

Step 1. Download and install Nokia Software Recovery Tool to your computer (available for Windows 7, or newer). If possible, make sure that your phone is fully charged.

Step 2. Start Nokia Software Recovery Tool, and connect your phone to your computer with a compatible USB cable. If prompted, select the correct USB mode on your phone: Nokia Suite or Modem.
Note! Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool erases all personal content on your phone. If possible, create a backup of your phone’s content before starting the installation.

Step 3. Follow the instructions shown on the tool. The latest version of your phone software will be installed, and your phone will restored back to the factory settings. This process may take some time depending on your internet connection, and you cannot use your phone during the installation.

If your phone is not starting or appears to be stuck, you can also recover your phone with “My phone does not start up or respond option” (only available for Windows Phone 8 models).

Supported Nokia phones:
    Lumia phones
    Asha and Series 40 phones that have USB interface
    Symbian phones
Software Recovery Tool by Seidea

 give me the file/s i need

wasalamualaikum wr wb
phone repair

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