Sunday, May 11, 2014

NOKIA C1 No Lights

The problem come when this device trying to practice swimming to the swimming pool.
The device completely dead cause of short circuits. Have fixed and have the second live on the DC psu detection. But its truly dark at all. I can only heard NOKIA start up sound to indicate the device is work.
Commonly with the type of its LCD, it will has lights on when replacing the LCD with the new one.
but it doesn't work for the light. Its only give me ui on the LCD, but its more better i think than nothing.
All lines have checked and no problems.
But i loss everything need to lights on. Its terrible. But the way i took may resolving you have as mine. Let try my trial.
First remove INDUCTOR L2401 and FET Transistor V2401. Remove pin number 1,2 and 3 on LCD flex. Don't connect to the pcb. Separate the 3 of flex pin with piece of paper tape, so they won't connected to the pcb.

Next make jumper from flex pins number 1 to number 3 then connect to pin number 4 to make pins number 1 and 3 in grounded condition.
Then make a jumper from lcd flex number 2 go to C2402. And so make a make a jumper from C2409 to the ANODE of diode V2400.
Now turning on the device, see does it bring light on for LCD. If YES check the keyboard light too. Does it lights on. IF no light for the keyboard do this steps.

Remove the LED keyboard V2406 and INDUCTOR L2402.

Then you can make jumpers like below
Now turn on back the device, do you have all your lights works as mine

If everything you have done as same as i show here but you don't bring the lights back, that mean you need more learn the lights process on the device by understanding of what the schematic diagram saying.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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