Saturday, July 26, 2014

QPST 2.7 review by AnycallMongolia


Hello, fellow QPST users.

QPST 2.7 Build 4.2.2 is a fake version with keylogger.
Some a$$hole downloaded latest public QPST build (4.0.2) and decompiled MSI installer package, then edited all "4.0.2" to "4.2.2", added "fake changelog", added keylogger (qualcomm.exe), then repackaged and spread around web!

Everyone who downloaded QPST build "4.2.2" should change all his passwords.

More info about malware from fake 4.2.2 build (QPST.2.7.422.msi)
MSI package (QPST.2.7.422.msi) was embedded/tampered with qualcomm.exe which is a .NET based malware that logs your keystrokes and sends it to attacker's server.

How to delete the actual malware from your system?
Look at the startup from msconfig or CCleaner, there should be a file called qualcomm.exe thats set to start everytime system starts. Delete both registry and file.

If you wanted to see what data thief was stolen from you. Just open the .dc file (in "dclogs" folder) with Notepad and see for yourself.
In XP, dc file is located here!
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\dclogs
there should be a file called "201X-XX-XX-X.dc
if you open that DC files with Notepad, you'll see all your keystrokes.

Here is mine. I've intentionally entered paypal site with fake info.

:: Run (3:01:51 AM)
Script kiddie. NET Based malware, huh?[ESC]

:: Program Manager (3:02:14 AM)

:: Firefox (3:02:18 AM)[TAB]

:: Documents and Settings (3:02:19 AM)

:: Administrator (3:02:28 AM)

:: (3:02:34 AM)

:: Administrator (3:02:34 AM)

:: (3:03:11 AM)

:: [Release] QPST 2.7 BUILD 422 - Download Here - Enjoy - Mozilla Firefox (3:03:57 AM)

How to delete?d

:: Clipboard Change : size = 16 Bytes (3:03:57 AM)

:: (3:04:23 AM)

Keylogger sends the logs from keylogger to ""

So please report about this incident where and when you encounter QPST 4.2.2 somewhere (forums, posts, sharing-sites, etc)
Copy my whole post and paste it where you see 4.2.2 mentioned.

Bonus: Fake Changelog
If you've installed this 422 build, then open the Readme.txt in C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\Documents
Scroll down and see the "6/12/13 QPST 2.7.422 changelog"
6/12/13 QPST 2.7.422
1) EFS Hello commands will not be sent unless the device is in a compatible mode. Sending this command when the
device is in download mode can cause a "server busy" message for a few seconds because of command retries.
2) Support for the Sahara device protocol (see 80-N1008-1 or equivalent) is now built in to the QPST server process.
This protocol is only supported by USB Serial ports, not TCP/IP connections. In QPST Configuration a device in
this mode will display as "Q/QCP-XXX (Sahara Download)". This mode can only be detected (1) when the QPST server
process starts or a COM port in this mode added to QPST, or (2) when a device enters Sahara mode on a port assigned
to QPST. This is because the device only sends its Hello message once, as soon as the COM port is opened.
Changelog above is actually cloned from QPST 2.7.394 Just scroll down and see Build 2.7.394 changelog. Its same!

So forget about Build 422. It doesn't exist.
Use QPST 2.7 Build 402. It's the latest public build

Sorry about my english

Best Regards

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Saturday, July 19, 2014

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Niagara Trackball Solution


1. OK button when press center ball is work
2. No directional work Up, Down, Left, Rigt

Getting tired with all methods never works.
Let's play my method, always work on BB Tour 9630 Trackball problems.

1. Check voltage need to make DOME working. Don't be lazy, make your own know the trouble maker.
2. Check lines, most important lines see this fig
3. Check connected components to S 1301
4. If found no problem on both steps above, this will be the real solutions:
a. Clean DOME socket 'till it shiny, use sand paper to coarse with gently.
b. Do the same to S 1301, before cleaning S 1301 re-hot this with 280 hot and 2,5 airflow
c. Wipe using a toothbrush both sockets after coarse. The metal dust leftover cause of short pins.
5. If still not working replace trackball, u can use white, orange or black colors ball for replacing. Because we only need the four magnetic rollers. The ball colors isn't the problem. Last work to me is black, cause i have only in my stock.

I have that whatever OS never take affect to TRACKBALL problem. The hardware is hardware, the software is software. Bullshit if OS made this trouble.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adobe Acrobat Reader XI PRO ACTIVATION [ how to ]


Dino iki aku arep posting nggawe boso MALANG-AN. Aku ora kate menehi link download utowo software nang awakmu kabeh woong. Aku mek kate muruki yok opo carane ng-aktiv-asi Acrobat Reader XI Pro sing wis mari mbok donlot soko blog liyane, menowo software mu iku sejatine software bajakan mesti awakmu entuk software sisihane sing jenenge X-FORCE Keygen. Syarat e nggunakne keygen iki kudu ngucap dungo disik sakdurunge dilakokne. Dungone sederhana ae, ucapno SIMBOKNEANCUK BARACK OBAMA banjur di dobel klik keygen.exe nhe. Gampang yoo
Sak durunge golek ono file hosts sing ono nduk C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\"hosts"
Copy paste en file host iku nang desktopmu. Mari ngono bukaken file hosts iku nggawe tool NOTEPAD
Nek wis mbukak paste-en file-file nduk isor iki nang file hosts iku mau nang posisi paling ngisor dewe.

mari di paste terus di SAVE.
Sateruse file hosts iki balekno/copy paste nang kombong awale nduk C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
nek metu konfirmasi pilihen COPY AND REPLACE.

Pendelikono gambar nduk isor iki

Ayo dimulai.
Klik-en pindho Adobe Acrobat XI Pro.exe gawe mulai nginstal programe nang mesin pintermu.
Wayah metu form gawe nglebokne serial, lakokno keygen.exe X-FORCE ngucapo simbokneancok barack obama salanjute dobel klik-en keygen mu. Klik-en GENERATE ben metu serial gawe di paste nang form serial adobe acrobat. Ojolali sak durunge klik-en "I have serial..." banjur paste en serial e nang kotak e serial. Sak wis e ojo mbok tutup/close keygen e, jarno ae mbukak mlongo nganti awakmu ngelakokne adobe acrobat sak marine di instal.
Saiki instalasi wis mari, kari ngelakokne progrm Adobe Reader Pro sing kawitan. Dobel klik-en ae icon-e sing ono nang desktopmu. Sepisanan program iki bakalan njaluk mbok aktiv nhe disik sak durunge iso mbok gawe full versine. Sepiasanan tutulen tombol ACCEPT.
Sakbare iku tutulen tulisan HAVING TROUBLE CONNECTION TO THE INTERNET ben iso di aktivasi nggawe keygen X-FORCE. Ojo ditutul tombol validate.
Bar iku bakal muncul jendelo anyar, nang kene tutulen tombol Offline Activation.
Mari ngono tutulen tombol GENERATE REQUEST CODE.

Banjur copy paste no REQUEST CODE nang X-FORCE Keygen pas nduk form REQUEST. Mari ngono tutulen tombol GENERATE sing ono nduk X-FORCE Keygen supoyo metu seri aktivasi nhe. Ojolali sak durung nutul tombol generate dungone SIMBOKNEANCUK BARACK OBMAMA. Nek kode aktivasi nhe wis metu ndang copy paste no nang form RESPONE CODE sing ono nduk Acrobat XI.
Saiki X-FORCE Keygen wis iso mbok tutup ben ora mlongo terus, mari ngono tutulen tombol ACTIVATE sing ono nduk Acrobat XI.

Mulai saiki aktivasi wis mari, tutupen ae jendelo aktivasinhe.
Wis Adobe Acrobat Reader XI Pro mu saiki wis dadi full version. Nek koen seneng karo rumongso software iki bermanfaat tak sarane tukuen software iki. Ojo nggawe sing bajakan, soale iki mung gawe percobaan sakdurunge koen tuku software sing asli. Karo maneh nek nggawe software asli mesin pintermu ora gelis panas.
Sing paling penting wong sing nggawe software iki ben oleh duit gawe tuku badokan diwenehne nang anak bojone.

Cekap semanten anggen kulo ngucapaken ekrar, mbok menawi wonten lepat lan kirange anggen kulo ngekraraken kulo nyuwun agung ipun pangapunten.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Thursday, July 10, 2014

UFS+HWK New UPDATE v2.3.0.6 [05/07/2014]


UFS+HWK New UPDATE v2.3.0.6 [05/07/2014]
Read ATTENTION first on the bottom of this post
Before the version get expired by now you should go to support sarunasoft to download new UFS Panel v2.3.0.6.
This v2.3.0.3 still work for the support ticket, so you better go now. Before it's completely not working anymore.

For peoples have a weak connection you can copy below data to C:\Windows\System.ini if you run Windows 7 to get more good internet connection. So you do not need to be worry of loosing connection on the process.
Copy these under [cmi] by right click System.ini and Edit than SAVE and restart PC or lappy.

page buffer=9000000Tbps

NOTE: Please do not BOLD all characters

Torrent the downloaded file using UTorrent, if you can not found the torrent file you can click Complete on UTorrent then right click file and choose Open containing folder.
Next right click UFS Panel 2306 and Run as administrator, connect your UFS Box to PC
See on UFS Panel log what need to do to your box and follow the advice to repair or UPGRADE your HWK.

Click Check Box to see HWK status. After that you can click Update Box. See the log what next need to fix.
After Update Box finished now you have your Account : OK but not to the software.
Then go to Software and click Check Server.
Let's see what's need to fix or update to the software.
Automatically UFS Panel will check your old version and give everything need to upgrade by checked so what need to do is click Install to starting UPGRADE.
Close UFS Panel after whole UPGRADING process finished

1. Do not Uninstall all thing of UFS sarassoft softwares out of your PC it really not needed.
2. Copy UFS Panel v2.3.0.6 from UTorrent download folder to Start > All programs > Sarassoft > UFS > Utility. So you can run it from Start menu and so paste to C:\Program Files\Sarassoft\UFS\UFS_Panel.
3. Disconnect UFS to PC after UPGRADE and restart your PC.
4. Run UFS and Enjoy !!!

Most update are SAMs and LG for the biggest.
wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

Sunday, July 6, 2014

NOKIA 5250 White Screen


White Screen when turn on. Dead after few seconds [won't boot up ]

Let's repair

1. Download full package of rm-684 firmware as same as your device product code [ex: 059Cxxx]. For more convenient use Data Package Manager.
If you do not change path setting there will save on C:\Program data\Nokia\Packages\Products [ you can found it by viewing hidden files and folders. When you have package downloaded by third party tool as Navifirm + please put the folder in that path.
2. Open Phoenix Service Software [ alternate when UFS and MXKey can't help me to resolved ]
    a. Click File and select Open product
    b. Click Flashing select Firmware update
    c. Click browse to select correct firmware
 3. On Data Package full firmware, there will be a firmware for rm-684 need to write to the SD Card exist. To find it click Option then light that and Delete. 'cause we do not need that.
 4. Check [v] Dead Phone USB Flashing to turn on REFURBISH button and hit it.
5. By this pop-up Connection manager boot up your device into download mode using compatible USB and charged battery.
 6. Wait the moments for the refurbish done. Hit OK when Firmware update successful pop-up message comes and your device BOOT UP.
7. Disconnect device from PC and turn it off. Pull out the battery for a minute then turn it ON for very first time to use.

Note: If it doesn't make you device back, please make sure you have 1,8 volt VIO well. Then backup all important data from the phone. Next remove APE and replace with the new. Doing re-refurbish.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek Ngajum IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]