Saturday, July 19, 2014

BlackBerry Tour 9630 Niagara Trackball Solution


1. OK button when press center ball is work
2. No directional work Up, Down, Left, Rigt

Getting tired with all methods never works.
Let's play my method, always work on BB Tour 9630 Trackball problems.

1. Check voltage need to make DOME working. Don't be lazy, make your own know the trouble maker.
2. Check lines, most important lines see this fig
3. Check connected components to S 1301
4. If found no problem on both steps above, this will be the real solutions:
a. Clean DOME socket 'till it shiny, use sand paper to coarse with gently.
b. Do the same to S 1301, before cleaning S 1301 re-hot this with 280 hot and 2,5 airflow
c. Wipe using a toothbrush both sockets after coarse. The metal dust leftover cause of short pins.
5. If still not working replace trackball, u can use white, orange or black colors ball for replacing. Because we only need the four magnetic rollers. The ball colors isn't the problem. Last work to me is black, cause i have only in my stock.

I have that whatever OS never take affect to TRACKBALL problem. The hardware is hardware, the software is software. Bullshit if OS made this trouble.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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