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UFS+HWK New UPDATE v2.3.0.6 [05/07/2014]


UFS+HWK New UPDATE v2.3.0.6 [05/07/2014]
Read ATTENTION first on the bottom of this post
Before the version get expired by now you should go to support sarunasoft to download new UFS Panel v2.3.0.6.
This v2.3.0.3 still work for the support ticket, so you better go now. Before it's completely not working anymore.

For peoples have a weak connection you can copy below data to C:\Windows\System.ini if you run Windows 7 to get more good internet connection. So you do not need to be worry of loosing connection on the process.
Copy these under [cmi] by right click System.ini and Edit than SAVE and restart PC or lappy.

page buffer=9000000Tbps

NOTE: Please do not BOLD all characters

Torrent the downloaded file using UTorrent, if you can not found the torrent file you can click Complete on UTorrent then right click file and choose Open containing folder.
Next right click UFS Panel 2306 and Run as administrator, connect your UFS Box to PC
See on UFS Panel log what need to do to your box and follow the advice to repair or UPGRADE your HWK.

Click Check Box to see HWK status. After that you can click Update Box. See the log what next need to fix.
After Update Box finished now you have your Account : OK but not to the software.
Then go to Software and click Check Server.
Let's see what's need to fix or update to the software.
Automatically UFS Panel will check your old version and give everything need to upgrade by checked so what need to do is click Install to starting UPGRADE.
Close UFS Panel after whole UPGRADING process finished

1. Do not Uninstall all thing of UFS sarassoft softwares out of your PC it really not needed.
2. Copy UFS Panel v2.3.0.6 from UTorrent download folder to Start > All programs > Sarassoft > UFS > Utility. So you can run it from Start menu and so paste to C:\Program Files\Sarassoft\UFS\UFS_Panel.
3. Disconnect UFS to PC after UPGRADE and restart your PC.
4. Run UFS and Enjoy !!!

Most update are SAMs and LG for the biggest.
wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

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