Sunday, July 6, 2014

NOKIA 5250 White Screen


White Screen when turn on. Dead after few seconds [won't boot up ]

Let's repair

1. Download full package of rm-684 firmware as same as your device product code [ex: 059Cxxx]. For more convenient use Data Package Manager.
If you do not change path setting there will save on C:\Program data\Nokia\Packages\Products [ you can found it by viewing hidden files and folders. When you have package downloaded by third party tool as Navifirm + please put the folder in that path.
2. Open Phoenix Service Software [ alternate when UFS and MXKey can't help me to resolved ]
    a. Click File and select Open product
    b. Click Flashing select Firmware update
    c. Click browse to select correct firmware
 3. On Data Package full firmware, there will be a firmware for rm-684 need to write to the SD Card exist. To find it click Option then light that and Delete. 'cause we do not need that.
 4. Check [v] Dead Phone USB Flashing to turn on REFURBISH button and hit it.
5. By this pop-up Connection manager boot up your device into download mode using compatible USB and charged battery.
 6. Wait the moments for the refurbish done. Hit OK when Firmware update successful pop-up message comes and your device BOOT UP.
7. Disconnect device from PC and turn it off. Pull out the battery for a minute then turn it ON for very first time to use.

Note: If it doesn't make you device back, please make sure you have 1,8 volt VIO well. Then backup all important data from the phone. Next remove APE and replace with the new. Doing re-refurbish.

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