Monday, June 30, 2014

BlackBerry Curve 9300 stack on BlackBerry bootloader


Before to the explanation, first i want to say greet to the MOSLEMS all around the world whose doing Fasting in this Rammadhan. Allah Blessing YOU.

This steps could perform for both troubles resolving way.
2. Install latest OS version for BlackBerry Curve 9300, remove VENDOR.XML from C:\Program Files\common files\Research In Motion\AppLoader folder.
3. Restart PC.
4. Attach USB cable to device and PC with no battery mode.
5. By default Desktop Software will run which is a device connected to PC.
6. Desktop Software will find your device but it can't build communication to the device. Stay with no battery mode on device.
 7. Click Update on the new window, because the device has lost the needed files to work fine. Remember there will be nothing can be backup from the device. So on the next window click Get update.
8. Next window warn you what should to do during 'Flashing' then just say Install update and OK.
 9. Stay with no battery mode and let some files to install.
10. Installation will stop for a while when in connecting to JVM. This the time to attach the battery to the device. At least you have 35% charged battery. So it will start again.
11. When see this on Desktop Software that mean 'Flashing' finish and wait the device boot up.
12. Say Close when this window showing up.
13. Now you can pass this step or choose blue light option to see if the Desktop Software finally recognizing your device.
 14. Now your device is on the Desktop Software, all the tasks will light. It means your device is cured.


wasalamualaikum wr wb


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