Thursday, September 26, 2013

Write GDFS and Change IMEI mismatch


NOTE : Make sure you're know what you do with GDFS area on SONY mobile phones. If you've made a mistake on it you better to recycling you device. DON'T DO ANY TO THIS AREA IF YOU DO NOT NEED.

You can see on setool log for mistake to GDFS area on Identify. Cause it will reads all inside your phone software. When you need to repair GDFS ( really need to repair ) may this will help you to do with easily.

1. Open setool2g, for example  i am using K618i of sonyericsson phone.
2. Tab SonyEricsson, choose your phone model. Open a GDFS backup file to MISC Files then hit Write GDFS.

3. After Write GDFS finished next perform phone Identify again. Then you'll know that you have choose a correct GDFS or not. If you use other phone GDFS file you'll got this error message on the log watch below.

4. OK don't worry of its. We gonna fix it now.
5. Now tab Empty Fill & Repair, left everything blank on setool. Type your correct IMEI number and so CID then checked Write IMEI to OTP. NOTE : DO NOT TYPE THE GDFS IMEI WITH RED COLORED LETTERS 

6. Next go to Settings and give checks for some items as below and you'll got a warn there

7. Now back to SonyEricsson and hit Unlock/repair [ no need credit and internet ]

8. Next back to check the phone by Identify, see if there any change to the GDFS area.

9. now try to Read GDFS to save GDFS file with correct IMEI number of the phone to use it when repairing the GDFS of the same phone so you don't have to confusing after repairing the GDFS area  on the phone. It will saves GDFS with correct IMEI.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NOKIA E5-00 No Display And Vibrate Only


Preparation :

- CA-101 USB Cable
- Your Dead Phone

Steps :

1. Run mobilEx, choose Nokia USB ROM on connection.
2. Plug USB cable to PC
3. On Nokia Service Tool, leave all fields empty first. Copy Nokia E5-00 RM-632 firmware to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Product. Or where the place you've sett on MXKey firmware path folder.
4. On Flash menu hit BUS Check, insert battery to phone then USB.

5. Next tab Service, hit IMEI & Security, on Imei Rebuild do Read Imei and save RPL for backup

6. Back to Flash menu, fill all fimware fields needed to perform flashing the phone

7. Check all files for may wrong firmware on the wrong field, if everything is good then hit Flash and wait for completion.

8. The last is back to tab Service, on Action see the Factory Values Reset. You can perform Reset All or just check marked for some items to reset then Reset Selected. Now perform finishing process. Hit Disconnect after all.

Well everything has just finished, HAVE A NICE DAY
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

NOKIA C 3-00 Dead phone FLASHING


An easy step to perform dead phone flashing using USB cable via UFS3 Tornado HWK.

1. Connect UFS to PC, Open UFS DCTxBB5. Command to Connect
2. Make little change to Action/Mode : Scenario>Manual, Inteface>USB, Speed>Normal. Left BSI to default.
flashing c3-00-1

3. Tab BB5 choose phone model, give it at least MCU firmware on Files and Settings.
4. Remove battery out of device, plug USB into UFS USB HUB or prefer to PC USB port.
5. Hit Check command on DCTx BB5 Tool, plugging USB to the device then insert battery to the device.
flashing c3-00-2

6. If you're very lucky you can read phone firmware and other software information and save it as backup file if something wrong happens to flashing process. But i wasn't so lucky at all. Nothing can readout on Info command.
7. Fill all firmwares needed to write to the device and hit Write Flash command, do the same way as step number 5 when no response from the device and wait it completes the job.
flashing c3-00-3

8. After flashing finished, next go to UI options, check [v] some items on UI options task to perform finishing process after flashing. Hit UI Settings command.
flashing c3-00-4
flashing c3-00-5

9. Now everything has done. Next try to gathering device information and save all necessary files for fixing other same devices if they had problem to resolve.
flashing c3-00-6

Everything readable by now, that's mean your device really in suppose to be state. GOOD JOB

NOTE : By this of what happened to the device before, you should think 'bout what was happen to the device exactly. If you can find the correct answer of this, i guarantee to you that you be able to be a good TEACHER for others. THINK !!! DO NOT ALWAYS BE A GOOGLING TECHNICIAN FOR EVERY TROUBLE YOU FACE.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013



Ghostfreak NB

Presenting Ghostfreak's KERNEL FLASHER

 Make sure you have bit knowledge of android and adb functioning before using this tool. If you mess up with something, I will be in no way responsible for it but will try to help you as much as possible :)

Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command line tool that lets you communicate with an emulator instance or connected Android-powered device.

About the tool:
It is an executable application and I have included the required things with it but make sure to install all the required drivers. This tool can be used for the following things:
+ Flashing .img files.(Includes, system, userdata and kernel)
+ Flashing .sin files.(Includes, system, userdata and kernel)
Works for on ALL XPERIAs........!!!

How to use this tool and what are the requirements for it?

Before using this tool, make sure you have:
+ A rooted phone(all it's functions are for rooted phones) with USB debugging enabled.
+ Phones drivers installed.
+ A recovery installed.(CWM recommended)
+ Basic knowledge of android, adb and fastboot.
+ A working Mind.(Includes Common sense).


-----------------.IMG FILES -------------

Extract the files using Winrar
Rename your kernel to "boot.img"(Incase it's some other name)[FOR V2.0 you need not Rename,it'll be flashed automatically]
Place it in the IMG folder
Start the Batch File
Press 1
Follow the Instructions IMP
Done !!

-----------------.SIN FILES --------------

Extract the files using Winrar
Find a KERNEL .FTF file
Select it and extract using any Archiver like Winrar
You'll find the "kernel.sin" in that
Rename your kernel to "kernel.sin"(Incase it's some other name)[FOR V2.0 you need not Rename,it'll be flashed automatically]
Place it in the SIN folder
Start the Batch File
Press 2
Follow the Instructions- IMP
Done !!

-----------------.ELF FILES --------------
Extract the files using Winrar
Rename your kernel to "boot.elf"(Incase it's some other name)[FOR V2.0 you need not Rename,it'll be flashed automatically]
Place it in the ELF folder
Start the Batch File
Press 3
Follow the Instructions IMP
Done !!

What are the features not working?
I've tested everything working but still if you find something report here.

Download Section:

Q. This function doesn't work. What now?

A. Just report here and i'll fix it.

Important notes and tips:
1. While you boot in fastboot mode please wait for some time till the PC recognizes your phone and loads the appropriate drivers.(Only first time needed)
2. Make sure you close all the adb based tools before this like SUS, PCC, Flashtool, Rooting Toolkits, etc. Or else go to TaskManager in your PC and end the adb.exe and fastboot.exe processes.
3. Always make a backup before doing anything

alokbina-For helping me make this and assistance
koradiavatsal-For testing the TOOL

If MODS feel this is not the Appropriate section,Please DO the NEEDFUL
500+ downloads and counting...

Changelog :
V1.0 -Initial Release...

V2.0- .ELF file support added
Now no need to Rename to boot.img or kernel.sin-It'll be flashed automatically after placing the FILE in the RESPECTIVE FOLDER

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Cara menambahkan gambar background di windows 7

Mungkin anda merasa bosan dengan tampilan layar desktop anda yang memiliki file background atau tema yang hanya itu-itu saja. Sebenarnya mudah saja untuk mengganti gambar background layar PC anda. jika anda memiliki gambar yang tersimpan pada harddisk anda, maka anda tinggal meng-klik kanan gambar tersebut dan pilih Set as desktop background, maka tampilan desktop anda akan berubah. Namun bila tanpa segaja anda menghapus file gambar tersebut apa yang akan terjadi pada backgroung desktop anda???

Dari hasil utak atik windows 7, saya menemukan cara yang sangat mudah untuk dilakukan jika anda ingin menambahkan gambar kesukaan anda menjadi Default Background windows. Yang mana bila anda menghapus file asli nya dari drive anda maka desktop anda akan tetap ada pada menu pilihan Personalization windows anda. Tertarik ??? mari kita coba bersama-sama, ikuti langkah saya berikut ini.

1. Download themes package dari situs microsoft. Cara ini lebih aman silakan cari DISINI
2. Pilih mana yang anda suka sebelum mendownload. Dengan cara meng-klik link Details dari gambar yang   menurut anda menarik.
3. Klik detail untuk melihat semua gambar yang terdapat pada themes package yang diinginkan, bila telah sesuai keinginan silakan di download.
4. File hasil download masih dalam keadaan terkompresi. silakan anda ekstrak menggunakan ekstraktor gratis 7zip.
5. Hasil ekstrak akan menjadi 2 bagian; 
   a. Theme
   b. Background folder
6. Selanjutnya untuk menjadikan themes dan background dapat anda akses melalui Personalization, silakan ikuti langkah saya berikut ini.
windows 7 background-1

   a. Dobel klik Computer
   b. Tab Organize, kemudian klik Folder and search option
   c. Pada jendela selanjutnya tab View dan klik link Show hidden files, folder, or drives. Hilangkan 3 tanda centang [v] tepat dibawahnya. Pada saat tanda centang ke 3 akan muncul peringatan, klik saja Yes.kemudian Apply dan OK
   d. Berikutnya buka drive letter C: 
windows 7 background-2

   e. Buka folder C:\Windows
windows 7 background-3

   f. Di dalam C:\Windows selanjutnya buka folder Globalization
windows 7 background-4

   g. Bila anda tidak melakukan Show hidden... seperti langkah c, maka anda hanya akan menemukan dua folder saja didalam folder Globalization
windows 7 background-5

   h. Buka folder hidden MCT yang sudah tidak terhidden, didalamnya ada 5 folder untuk 5 region: 1. MCT australia [AU], 2. MCT canada [CA], 3. MCT inggris [GB], 4. MCT amerika serikat [US], dan 5. MCT afrika selatan [ZA]
   i. Dikarenakan di Indonesia kita menggunakan setting bahasa inggris dengan mode English [US] maka seluruh gambar background dan tema desktop yang ada pada menu Personalization ada didalam folder MCT-US.
windows 7 background-6

   j. Sekarang buka folder MCT-US, ada 4 folder disana. Untuk tema yang ada pada file hasil download yang telah di ekstrak silakan anda copy paste-kan pada folder Theme. Dan untuk semua gambar background silakan di copy paste-kan pada folder United States.
windows 7 background-7


Sekarang mari kita ubah  background desktop saja untuk mencoba, sekalian untuk mengetahui apakah gambar yang telah kita tambahkan telah menjadi gambar background default windows sehingga dapat kita akses melalui Personalization.

Klik kanan saja desktop anda kemudian pilih Personalize. pada jendela control panel yang telah terbuka klik link Desktop Backgrounds.pada pilihan Picture location pilih Windows Desktop Background, lihat apakah semua gambar yang ditambahkan telah ada ??? bila ya pilih salah satu dengan cara meng-klik gambar tesebut.

Klik secara bergantian untuk memilih mana yang anda sukai.Terakhir Save changes dan nikmati desktop anda.

Untuk menghemat kapasitas luang pada harddisk anda, silakan hapus gambar hasil download yang telah di ekstrak pada drive tempat anda menyimpan file themes package. Dan selamat menikmati desktop baru anda yang lebih variatif dan kaya pilihan background dan theme.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

SETOOL2 SMART CARD NOT FOUND on Windows 8 32 bit


trouble may have to the new installation of a new software that have a specific driver for running the hardware of its software. This could be happen too to the SETOOL Box. If it happen to the new installation on a fresh new Windows 8, it would be the way out.

Let see how to resolve it
setool smartcard-1

Don't close error report pop-up let it stay open when fixing it so we will know what change.
setool smartcard-2

Right click Computer> Manage> Device Manager. Look at Other devices yellow Info icons. First right click SchlumbergerScema > Update driver. I do believe that nowaday all of us have an internet connection. So better think to run it online by choosing Search Automatically for update driver software because it will tokes few seconds only than you got headache when you do on CD install way.

Close window after e-gate Smart Card finished [ about 15 seconds long ]. Now back to Device Manager, see what has changed. The next yellow Info icon should be be repair too. This is about the connection of SETOOL Box to PC
setool smartcard-4

Do the same way as before to resolving it.
setool smartcard-5

OK the next steps, close all open window and pop-up then restart PC. When PC has in normal again right click Computer> Manage> Device Manager. See there should be no more yellow Info icon for device connect to your PC. And see Ports [ COM&LPT ] for USB Serial Port allow for your SETOOL Box and Smart Card.
setool smartcard-6

Now run setool2g and make change to the Interface as same as USB Serial Port [ COMx ] detected
setool smartcard-7

Next connect any phone to test the result what have made.
setool smartcard-8

It should be work to do a job.


wasalamualaikum wr wb

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