Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NOKIA E5-00 No Display And Vibrate Only


Preparation :

- CA-101 USB Cable
- Your Dead Phone

Steps :

1. Run mobilEx, choose Nokia USB ROM on connection.
2. Plug USB cable to PC
3. On Nokia Service Tool, leave all fields empty first. Copy Nokia E5-00 RM-632 firmware to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Product. Or where the place you've sett on MXKey firmware path folder.
4. On Flash menu hit BUS Check, insert battery to phone then USB.

5. Next tab Service, hit IMEI & Security, on Imei Rebuild do Read Imei and save RPL for backup

6. Back to Flash menu, fill all fimware fields needed to perform flashing the phone

7. Check all files for may wrong firmware on the wrong field, if everything is good then hit Flash and wait for completion.

8. The last is back to tab Service, on Action see the Factory Values Reset. You can perform Reset All or just check marked for some items to reset then Reset Selected. Now perform finishing process. Hit Disconnect after all.

Well everything has just finished, HAVE A NICE DAY
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