Thursday, September 19, 2013

NOKIA C 3-00 Dead phone FLASHING


An easy step to perform dead phone flashing using USB cable via UFS3 Tornado HWK.

1. Connect UFS to PC, Open UFS DCTxBB5. Command to Connect
2. Make little change to Action/Mode : Scenario>Manual, Inteface>USB, Speed>Normal. Left BSI to default.
flashing c3-00-1

3. Tab BB5 choose phone model, give it at least MCU firmware on Files and Settings.
4. Remove battery out of device, plug USB into UFS USB HUB or prefer to PC USB port.
5. Hit Check command on DCTx BB5 Tool, plugging USB to the device then insert battery to the device.
flashing c3-00-2

6. If you're very lucky you can read phone firmware and other software information and save it as backup file if something wrong happens to flashing process. But i wasn't so lucky at all. Nothing can readout on Info command.
7. Fill all firmwares needed to write to the device and hit Write Flash command, do the same way as step number 5 when no response from the device and wait it completes the job.
flashing c3-00-3

8. After flashing finished, next go to UI options, check [v] some items on UI options task to perform finishing process after flashing. Hit UI Settings command.
flashing c3-00-4
flashing c3-00-5

9. Now everything has done. Next try to gathering device information and save all necessary files for fixing other same devices if they had problem to resolve.
flashing c3-00-6

Everything readable by now, that's mean your device really in suppose to be state. GOOD JOB

NOTE : By this of what happened to the device before, you should think 'bout what was happen to the device exactly. If you can find the correct answer of this, i guarantee to you that you be able to be a good TEACHER for others. THINK !!! DO NOT ALWAYS BE A GOOGLING TECHNICIAN FOR EVERY TROUBLE YOU FACE.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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