Thursday, September 26, 2013

Write GDFS and Change IMEI mismatch


NOTE : Make sure you're know what you do with GDFS area on SONY mobile phones. If you've made a mistake on it you better to recycling you device. DON'T DO ANY TO THIS AREA IF YOU DO NOT NEED.

You can see on setool log for mistake to GDFS area on Identify. Cause it will reads all inside your phone software. When you need to repair GDFS ( really need to repair ) may this will help you to do with easily.

1. Open setool2g, for example  i am using K618i of sonyericsson phone.
2. Tab SonyEricsson, choose your phone model. Open a GDFS backup file to MISC Files then hit Write GDFS.

3. After Write GDFS finished next perform phone Identify again. Then you'll know that you have choose a correct GDFS or not. If you use other phone GDFS file you'll got this error message on the log watch below.

4. OK don't worry of its. We gonna fix it now.
5. Now tab Empty Fill & Repair, left everything blank on setool. Type your correct IMEI number and so CID then checked Write IMEI to OTP. NOTE : DO NOT TYPE THE GDFS IMEI WITH RED COLORED LETTERS 

6. Next go to Settings and give checks for some items as below and you'll got a warn there

7. Now back to SonyEricsson and hit Unlock/repair [ no need credit and internet ]

8. Next back to check the phone by Identify, see if there any change to the GDFS area.

9. now try to Read GDFS to save GDFS file with correct IMEI number of the phone to use it when repairing the GDFS of the same phone so you don't have to confusing after repairing the GDFS area  on the phone. It will saves GDFS with correct IMEI.

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