Monday, September 2, 2013

SETOOL2 SMART CARD NOT FOUND on Windows 8 32 bit


trouble may have to the new installation of a new software that have a specific driver for running the hardware of its software. This could be happen too to the SETOOL Box. If it happen to the new installation on a fresh new Windows 8, it would be the way out.

Let see how to resolve it
setool smartcard-1

Don't close error report pop-up let it stay open when fixing it so we will know what change.
setool smartcard-2

Right click Computer> Manage> Device Manager. Look at Other devices yellow Info icons. First right click SchlumbergerScema > Update driver. I do believe that nowaday all of us have an internet connection. So better think to run it online by choosing Search Automatically for update driver software because it will tokes few seconds only than you got headache when you do on CD install way.

Close window after e-gate Smart Card finished [ about 15 seconds long ]. Now back to Device Manager, see what has changed. The next yellow Info icon should be be repair too. This is about the connection of SETOOL Box to PC
setool smartcard-4

Do the same way as before to resolving it.
setool smartcard-5

OK the next steps, close all open window and pop-up then restart PC. When PC has in normal again right click Computer> Manage> Device Manager. See there should be no more yellow Info icon for device connect to your PC. And see Ports [ COM&LPT ] for USB Serial Port allow for your SETOOL Box and Smart Card.
setool smartcard-6

Now run setool2g and make change to the Interface as same as USB Serial Port [ COMx ] detected
setool smartcard-7

Next connect any phone to test the result what have made.
setool smartcard-8

It should be work to do a job.


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