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Problem(s) after Install NokiaCareSuite ForStore


Problem(s) after install NokiaCareSuite ForStore
It's happened to me after i've installed NCS ForStore on my PC. I lost everything that was run well before. As NOKIA said that should uninstall first the old version, i did it.
By the build number of it's i was think that this tool is the newest than i used. But i'm completely wrong.
On this build i have only some new drivers and Plugin update not the tools was install.
I lost every app out of the nokia care suite launcher. Even the launcher never found anymore.
Learning what was wrong i found that this build updating some old driver version and give
some new driver for windows 8 phone driver and or Asha and Lumia devices.
Now what should to do are:
Uninstall NokiaCareSuit ForStore, because it doesn't have any app on the installed tool except the drivers, so just remove it first.
Remove/uninstall all new drivers had just installed already. Remove 'em one by one.
If you have third party tool as REVO uninstaller you'll find all new drivers (simply to find what is new include in the installation ). Remove all folders left over exception for phoenix folder.
If you have apps like UFS, JAF, ATF or other corresponding to the nokia tool they'll need that folder.
Folders need to clean out of you pc:
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\Troubleshooting
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\Envira
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\ZuneDrivers
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\Connectivity Cable Driver
o C:\Program Files\Nokia\3806_USB_Driver
o C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Fuse
o C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Service Layer
o C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\Tss
o C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Fuse[hidden]
o C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite[hidden]
o C:\ProgramData\Nokia\UCM[hidden]
o C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite[hidden]
Restart pc
Re-install NCS PST 5.0.2013_13.4.4
After finishing NCS PST installation next you can install NCS ForStore
First it will updating and install new drivers to pc. Next it will install NCS, but by the way it will warn that the newer version installed. And it won't install NCS. After installation finish you better restart your pc. And see again what has just installed on programs and features or use REVO Uninstaller to know.
Bellow what will happen on installation process.
After all drivers and plugin ( visual C++ 2012 ) installed, the NCS ForStore will install it's applications. But because you have just installed NCS PST 5.0.2013_13 already, it won't install again because it is the older version. What need to do is clicking OK and FINISH on the next window.
Look at REVO Unistaller or Programs and Features what's new on your system.
Open NOKIA CARE SUITE Launcher and double click Product Support Tool For Store icon.
It works again with all new drivers installed and allow me again to flashing DEAD RM-914 Lumia 520
You can Flashing, Downloading Lumia Firmwares by the tool
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