Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Install PhoenixSuit [ AllWinner Flashing Tool ] on Windows


Complete step by step how to install PhoenixSuit v1.06 on Windows PC for the beginner as i do. What a little confusing to install this application is the china alphabet that not familiar to me.
Exactly after the app has installed it's default to english language. Hope you have download the tool to your computer. For me this is more convenient to use than using the portable version of  AllWinner LiveSuitPack.
1. Double click PhoenixSuitPacket_v1.06 to start intall the app.
 2. On the next window click Next on the right bottom corner with (N) letter to continue.
 3. Do not make any change to the default configuration, i think it has english by default. If you want to change installation path you can change through changing drive letter C: with D: or something else to your drive you want. Then click next (N).
 4. Next you will prompt to install ANDROID USB Driver, it is easier because it has english. Follow steps to install Google device driver.
 5. If prompt windows security permission please choose Install this driver software anyway to complete the driver installation. And click Finish.
6. After click Finish if you found windows security alert comes again, do the same as above to proceed.
7. Now click Close (C). The installation has complete.
 8. If you're running Windows 8, click desktop and you'll find PhoenixSuit icon there. This icon use to run your application. After finishing the installation you better to restarting the PC so the driver will work fine.
     On Windows 7 you can run the app from Start > All programs > PhoenixSuit > Phoenix Suit.exe or type PhoenixSuit.exe on Search bar.
 Now your app really ready to use for AllWinner CPU base ANDROID Tablets.
 To flashing the device click on anchor icon or Firmware tab, click image to browse the firmware needed and click Upgrade to perform Flashing procedure. Read carefully the notice comes alongside process.
 If you only need to Backup, Wipe or Recovery the device and want to install something to the device you can use Apk tab.
You can do what you want to your China tablets based on AllWinner CPU inside.

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