Friday, May 23, 2014

BlackBerry Q10 error code [ The solution ]


NOTE: to every of you who use blackberry, backup your phone to PC before something goes wrong to the device. If you don't you won't bring back any, especially to BlackBerry 10 OS.
            If you in a task like wiping the device do not try to stop it on running, this is a fatal error.

This BlackBerry 10 OS Q10 has problem with error code say ''. That's mean you have to go to the url on your PC to read how to resolved that.

First to do when it happens to the device:
Download and install ltest BlackBerry Link to PC or MAC. Reboot after finished.
If you have already installed BlackBerry Desktop Software for lowest Blackberry OS change setting on it. Go to: Tool>uncheck the word 'Start BlackBerry Desktop when a device connected'.
If you do not, it will disturbing you during process.

How to resolving:

1. Turn off the device do not connect to PC
2. Run BlackBerry Link, once it's open connect usb to the device and PC. If you lucky your device will shown on Device heading.
Forget message 'Cannot Communicate with Device' if Device heading has showing BlackBerry Q10 next you need to do is click 'Reload'. A pop-up will come to confirm with 'Yes' button, because it's too late to backup your data and everything on your device. Nothing can be save anymore.
Or you can go to 'Preference' if something wrong, then choose 'Reload Device Software' > Reload > Close.
Next do the same as above.

3. Now the device software start to download wait with patience until it's 100% downloaded. Do not doing anything during the process. Or you'll send you device to the box.

4. After downloading completed it will extract and load the software to the device. It's won't be long just waiting 'till finished.

5. After 'Flashing' completed BlackBerry Link will boot and rebuild the connection to the device, it doesn't matter if failed. Next pop-up will a matter to you if do not says like this:

Because your device need some setting at first load before it's work, that is the reasons. Unplug usb on device and give settings and follow the steps. You can skip unnecessary setting you don't want. Don't forget to see on the bottom left corner of BlackBerry Link says.

7. After the device settings and you plug in back usb to device, it's knows that you connected the BlackBerry Q10. And make a backup if you want. Because it also make your time more saver when same trouble happens to the device. Since now all have finished. But remember that NO DATA WILL BACK !!!

I'm using sharing connection with 5,2 MB speed and it taken three and half hours to complete downloading, as you know there will be more than 990mb file size before extracted to download. If you use a weak connection i recommend you not to do this. I also have tried using 3,2 MB/sec of EVDO connection it tooks 13 hours [ no sleeping time since 10 o'clock at night until 2 o'clock next day ] and stopped on 91% downloading. It terrible. If you have 512 KB or upper dial-up cable connection i guarantee you will make it. THANK YOU

wasalamualaikum wr wb
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  1. Hi,
    I have tried downloading the software and its stopped at 81%. what do i do next, should i cancel the download and start afresh or are there any other options available??

  2. Dear Mr Jacque,
    as what happens to you it so happening to me, using my wireless modem connection i was kill my two days away because i got failed in every 91%.
    Then i decide to join to my friend's connection[ WiFi ] i could finish it in only 3 and half hours.
    If you are using wireless modem connection i don't recommend you to this job. But even it failed it won't break your device out. Just try again from the beginning using good quality internet connection. I recommend to use a cable connection from a home phone provider. Once again do not use a wireless modem connection.
    if you still have a problem on online process, you can also try the offline method. Ask google for complete package for your device. Or go to crackberry forum for more detail about this.
    I hope you can understanding what i'm explained.
    Thank's for your time.