Wednesday, May 21, 2014

YAGI ANTENNA FOR 800Mhz 1XEVDO [ home made ]


Few days ago i have posted how to gathering EVDO signal using a small simple quad antenna. Today i make the same topic about EVDO. Some experiments i have made with antenna, one has posted few days ago. Now i will give you other antenna prototype, this anternna is directional antenna. And the model very-very famous of all antenna models. This is a YAGI antenna.
What we need to build this kind of antenna ?
[ Sorry ] I always trying to experiment with low cost for everything i do, i prefer to recycle than buying new materials for experimental. But don't worry 'cause it's working. Here the materials need to build YAGI:
1. Aluminium pipe with 10 mm diameter to use as BOOM [ recycling an fm antenna ]
2. NYA cable with 1.5 mm diameter including it's shield
3. Screws and glue

First to build the antenna you can cut the cable with different length for directors and reflector. Do not remove cable shield because we will use some of them to be isolator for all directors and reflector to the boom pipe. So they wan't connected to each other.
Make point to drill on the boom with different gap wide, we will need 14 holes side by side on the boom. Then you might to drill 'em as same as the cable diameter we use. 
Here the measurements of all elements and gap for the directors and reflector :
I use only single reflector for my experimental YAGI antenna which is the longest element among all. You can make more for experiment by two or three stack reflector. This prototype actually having a driven to connect it to the antenna jack on the modem, but i don't want make more complicated. So i replace the driven using the modem placed to the boom directly. After all elements has made, now you can place them all to the boom. Look at this fig.
To place the modem onto the boom use the gap of director number 2 and 3. For best signal receive you can move it by slide to the front or back 'till gathering best signal receive. See the fig below.
NOTE : For save internet connection you can make setting on app by choosing Hybrid connection. So you won't lost connection when loose EVDO connection, 'cause it will automatically change to CDMA 1X connection. The establish connection will show on the modem app, or you can Open Network and Sharing Center on Windows to proof it.
To compare the different connection speed before end after using antenna, you can try to open a web page. See how long the page will show all. On the trial i open fuckbook page.
The download time is also different at all. Using IDM for downloading AVIRA free that 130 mb size from FileHippo i need two days to complete before using antenna. Exciting!!! with the antenna i need less 1 hour to complete the download. NICE RECYCLE TRICK
The most value is your own hands. Thousands will save for useless expensive brand new product that you can made by your own hands. THIS IS A HAND MADE YAGI ANTENNA


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