Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashing NOKIA 6120c Dead Phone



Trouble of phone : can't turn on

Software detection : phone boot up, no pm, no phone info nothing can be backup from the phone firmware.
What does it mean ???
Most said it causes of hardware especially by googler phone technicians. Why don't try to resolving by software. Watch my steps here.

first to do only run DataPackageManager or Navifirm + and download 6120c firmware. Wait!! the download must choice firmware version as phone original Product Code not just the same as RM-243 no matter it has your native language or not 'cause we gonna made it in second's.
Let me give a sample:

Next run Phoenix, MXKey or UFS3 [ i prefer to this super friendly box ] cause it my favorite not like fuckin' MXKey.
Remember that both Phoenix and MX need a good USB connection if it doesn't forget them.

Look out the settings i've made. If you've downloaded the whole firmware by Navifirm + don't left your ENO file. Cause it gonna give a breathe to your phone after whole flashing finished [ needs by rap ]. If you use DataPackageManager no need to think 'bout it, 'cause it always give it.
Put COR, PPM, UDA and ENO to files. Now boot the phone by pressing Check.

As i said at first there is noting could backup from rom. So next only need to press Write Flash

After completed report has given, tick some Settings and press UI Settings

Then boot again the phone by Check and try to read info on rom. See what the change is your latest firmware and product code. If yes just say thanks to UFS3

By the phone info on the Result/Events that mean you can try to backup the phone PM by now and save it

What's next needed?...let's backup 308 and save it. Then try to gathering phone imei.ask that could calc to the imei.rpl but i won't show it

The last to do is checking the phone language by the phone original product code, does it support for your language or not. If it has no language of your's so you can flash PPM only on the files using PPM version that support your language. Great job of saras soft team ever.

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