Tuesday, April 23, 2013

SETool v1.1297 New Update 22042013 [ How To Download ]


As the most consistent team, now setool box team has just released new version of SETool Box. Yes, this version is v1.1297 released on 2013 04 22 [ when the support not ready ]. But have you been touching support area successfully? if you haven't, try this tricks to your Windows so you can click Go Support then go there.
OKAY first copy these ip address to Notepad or whatever else your text editor: files.setool.net setool.net


Have you know to do ?
Let's do it :

1. Close all programs in running.
2. Double click My Computer or Start > My Computer. On the left pane click localdisk C: so it will show you the drop down list. Then click Windows folder and click on System32 folder.

3. Click 2x System32 folder and you'll found folder name drivers.

4. When drivers folder opened by double click on it open etc folder for next step.

5. Then right click on host <file> not host folder and choose Open.

6. Choice Notepad on the next window to open file.

7. When the host file opened in notepad, now you need to add both ip address above at the very last of file.

8. Next step is to reboot your pc as needed. Then connect SETool Box to your pc and run it. Click Go Support when it has open.

9. At the first you come to the site it will show you the new version ready to download.

These all will not so long just like the descriptions as above i explain to you all. But it better then my friends still confuse on how to go to the support.setool.net
Thank you very much for all your attentions and have a good time with your new version of setool2g.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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