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NOKIA 1600 & 1110 Microphone Trouble shooting

Asalamualaikum WR WB

Here is a way to perform hardware repair mobile phone NOKIA 1110 and 1600 who had problems at the microphone.

If the damage is only caused by the destruction of components called a microphone, it would be very easy to solve. However, when damage is caused by damage to the supporting components of the microphone itself then it will be a bit difficult. For example, damage resulting from the dissolution microphone connection path between the microphone and an electronic component that is connected to the microphone. Or damage to electronic components supporting one of the microphone itself, such as capacitors, resistors, and others.
Please note the following scheme, of scheme we know there were a few electronic components [digital] is connected directly to the microphone before the signal from the microphone are sent to the UEM ic chip [Mic 1 P] pin.

If the path or one of the electronic component is damaged, what should you do?

If you understand the schematic diagram well then you can easily solve these problems. Fortunately, when I was in junior high school first lesson I was very fond of electronics, so I can understand the meaning of the schematic diagram. And since that's when I already can fix the electronics devices which corrupted.
From the above scheme you can learn the following image when you need to do the jumper action to repair the damage to the microphone.

On the real PCB images, the components of which I have marked in red and yellow are the electronic components are connected to the microphone via the existing way on the PCB. Of the points you have to start checking his damage. And of the points that have the same color you can use a wire jumper email.

Before performing each jumper remove of damaged parts, then do the jumper.
For C2164 condenser components you can just throw or change it. Because the components of this condenser is connected to GROUND. When you make a jumper on the pin points of these components then when you do a test communication will be humming sound on the phone receiver.

*** The reds points can only jumper/short to the same reds points.
*** The yellows can only jumper/short to the yellows.

So that I can give on the occasion of this post. Hopefully there is a more interesting case of damage to be studied at a later date.
May be useful for NEWBIE who need information about the damage to your phone.
Thank you 

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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