Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fix iPhone 4 A1332 USB Cable


     By time everything made by human being will comes broken. Whoever made that equipments e.g USB cable made by Apple company it will.
Very bad when i found on the both cords of iPhone4 A1332 EMC380A there only a green wire left behind in the prolific cord. HOW BAD YOUR CABLE WIRES QUALITY ??? hello... iPhone i'm talkin' with you.
So i cut both top of cables, when i cutting piece by piece each cable shell how terrible it was. There is no more cable materials in gold colored. All has change to black or moldy cable materials.
     Then i found the true cable materials color after i got cut 5cms of each cable length, every cut long only take about 2mm. It happen on both ends of cable. If you have buy this terrible from iPhone too, try to fix it in my way below. Don't buy an expensive unqualified stuff just fix it then you won't make them more rich.

First check pins on both cord to find out which pin has lose connection. Not every case like i describe there many different.
Cut the cable has problem. Then cut the colored cable shell. See to wire materials cable color. Normally they should gold colored. Cut for for every 2mms until you find true color of cable wire. Then tin solder on each end of the cable.

After you have fished resoldering all the cable to each pins like in the pictures above, try to check every connection on each pin. If found every pins connected to it should have connection pin you have a good job. Prevent of each pin shorted. Then put some silicon to the cords. It will save your bad quality cable got moldy and so it holding your cable from the inside of cord case. So it wont be easy to break [ it was never think by iPhone : too bad ]. Now time to have test you cable, plug to wall charger then to the iPhone. Don't turn on the iPhone. If you can see battery charging indicator run, wait for about 5 minutes. If it still charging that mean your cable now works.

Okay now everything is back as it should be

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