Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Read Flash MITO S500 [ MTK 6250 ]


This trick apply to MCN Pro Box only.
To resolving an error occure on Rx, Tx Scan method on every device need to fix. Hope it can give an easy step to do.

On every task we do by Rx, Tx Scan using MCN Pro that failed, there is a way for other method to try before we say gave up by hardware trouble on the device. It only need more patient and little think.

This method call USB Scan by MCN Pro Box Team. So how to perform this step ??? easily, this is the only answer.

Open your MCN Pro. On the UI hit USB Scan. Change Baudrate to 115200, this is the MTK Flashtool always sett on every MTK chipset. Now we got to apply this to MCN Pro, the reason is MTK tool use it sett by default.

Select compatible cable we're use on the drop down box of Select cable. Next hit task 2. Holding Power....., so it will says Pin-status Scan Done.
Then hit task 3. Switched on....[ don't forget to press and hold simultanous the BOOT button on the device untill all the pins detected ].

Next step hit Start to running pinout scanning then hit Apply
While holding the boot button, always to see on the device display for the battery icon. In every phone start always see the battery icon is there any change or not. If the battery icon run up and down that mean CHARGING so you need to hit YES on question window appear. If it doesn't just hit NO.

When USB pinouts has detected your Taskbar will also give you a message, see below

Now is your time to READ FLASH [ phone firmware ] and save it for your own collect of china firmware so you don't need to beg to other or in any forum.

Now you have increase your own china phone firmwares to fix the same brand and type of phone.

Thank you to all the NOOBs all over the world

wasalamualaikum wr wb

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae [ The Fully Fuckin' Headache Lion ]

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