Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Flashtool Xperia v0.9.18.2 Latest Update


- Towelroot exploit now works for latest Z2 firmwares.
- Updated Supersu to 2.05 and updated supersu install scripts

- Updated Java8 to u20
- Update checker can now download the checked version (Devices -> Updates ... choose the device ... then double click on a table row
  to get the latest version. Double click again to download. FTF bundler will open upon download)
  Thanks to IaguCool for his help. Check its project : XperiFirm
- Towelroot hack implemented.

- Fully switched to java8 (even in script checks)
- Embed Java8 jre for MacOS (64bits)
- Flashtool bundled with devices already sync from github (no more long wait on first run ... faster sync too)

Download links

Windows Edition : v0.9.18.2 – MD5 : 062069EE07ED6AED0E3509E80F2BA80C

Mac Edition – v0.9.18.2 – MD5 : 6043E395476DB67D592C41A9177E530F

Linux Edition – v0.9.18.1 – MD5 : 4FD987F229FB3BC43BD70834537222D6

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