Saturday, September 20, 2014

Can't copy old backup files to a new folder on windows 8.1 resolved


In case of  backup necessary file(s) before changing my operating system, now i am facing a new trouble. I never could copy my old backup file(s) to a specific folder i want. I have new windows 8.1 installed on my old lappie.
This is an example maybe happening to you also. In my case i have lots of BlackBarry backup files on my old OS. But when i need one of these, i can't copy the file to the right place as BlackBerry Desktop Manager saving 'em all. Always show to me a pop-up say You don't have permission..or something like that. Event when i'm logging as administrator ( infact i'm this pc admin ) it still goes wrong. 

I've tried UNLOCKER a slim application that can do copy and event moving the files i want. But it doesn't resolving any trouble, the file has copied or moved to the correct backup folder. But on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager it's completely becomes very stupid and so silly. Because it's can see the file in his backup folder. 
Then i trying to resolved it by my self. Could help people too who has same trouble like mine. What is the first i knew the trouble is really simple.
It caused that i have different user name (admin) in my new OS. The old named HANNY-FAI but the new in new OS is Hanny FITRI. I thought it's my problem. And i wasn't wrong. Then i made a user names notice to prevent me doing wrong user name on typing.

NOTE: I have made changed to my user Document so it has moved to D:\ cause i don't want to loose anything in the Document if there is something wrong to %windows%.

This what i'm doing to robe my admin right.

1. Go to the folder containing files i need. Right clickin' my file.

2. And i choose Properties, and on the next window i'm doing to the Security tab. And Edit it.

3. On the next window i Remove this useless user permission owner's. Before doing this think twice, i don't have responsibility for future trouble, event it really helpful to me.

4. Then i typed my new current correct user name on Enter the object names field. Then doing Check Names.

5. Then i said OK

6. On the next window on the Permission for Hanny FITRI field i thick on Allow Full control, and the other do following automatically. Then Apply and OK.

7. The last step is to closing my old backup contain folder and re-open again to try to copy whatever i need to the new default backup folder. I paste it without any warned anymore. And so the BlackBerry Desktop Manager could read 'em out without any silly  action.

8. Now i can put 'em back to the handheld completely.


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