Saturday, November 1, 2014

SAMSUNG C3303K Sleep/WakeUp button Not Working


 Check Results:

  • Won't wakeup when phone in sleep mode
  • Phone goes turning off if wakeup button on press and hold for few seconds.
Check points to resolving:

- Check whether 2.8v is true on TACT_HID pin #2
- Press TACT_HID and check 2.8v on pin #1 of  TACT_HID, if FALSE replace it.
- If all goes false check connection lines from TACT_HID pin #2 to TACT_DN pin #2, C302, and R224.
- Check ZD303 if it's OK use multitester with 1X measurement.

Read pictures below to perform repairing:

Due to my case, i've made it by rehot U306 block area. [ 325 degree flow and 2,5 air in 'bout 30 seconds ]
But be careful if you need to rehot UCP200, i do not recommend you to do this if you don't have full firmware backup and a new UCP200 for replacing if something goes wrong.


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