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HOW to backup RPL with MX Key

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Now i'm gonna give a simply steps to backup RPL with MX Key Dongle and UFS3 + HWK Original as the Interface box.
RPL contains many risk security files for NOKIA BB 5 phones generatios. It will be a big problem when we doing fault on Flashing Method, especially when we doing Erase Flash. But exactly we could avoid human error on flashing method. This simply step will guide us how to make this job ( Fashing BB5 ) become save to do. The most important to do before we're doing Full Flashing with MX Key dongle is 'Backup RPL' first. So how to do thi step. I'll explain for who need an information about save Flashing method.


Let's start the tutorial,

1. Connect your MX Key Dongle and an INTERFACE ( for example is UFS3 + HWK Original )
2. Click 'Connect' to connecting interface box and MX Key 'till show a message UFS3 SaraSoft ready         

3. Connect Phone to the interface box                                                                                                          
4. Chose 'Nokia Service Tool' in the 'Modul'                                                                                           

5. After 'Nokia Service Tool' opened click 'Scan'                                                                                    
 6. Don't forget to chose 'BB5' in 'Generation' before clicking 'Scan' button, then MX will show us phone 'Model' and 'Market'                                                                                                                
7. Next we gonna ' startin' backing up RPL from BB5 phone generation with MX Key                             
 8. Click on 'Service' button > click on 'IMEI & Security' > click on 'IMEI Rebuild'                               

9. In the 'Certificate Manager' we will see 'Backup Rpl' button on right corner below, click on  it's button and wait until backup rpl process finished.

10. In the new window we could browse to C:\mobilEx\3.4\backup for 'DCT4/BB5 Flash Loader Directory' or just click 'OK' button                                                                                                                               
11. Wait until 'Backup Rpl' process finish.                                                                                                     
12. After MX Key finished to backup rpl it's file would be automaticaly save to C:\mobilEx\3.4\data\backup\rpl                                                                                                                                                      
13. Click on 'Save' button to saving our new 'Backup Rpl' file                                                                        
14. Click 'Disconnect' to end the whole process.                                                                                               15. Finished                                                   

      Now we just made a backup file for NOKIA BB5 phone generation, that will be very usefull when finding an IMEI error caused of fault FULL FLASHING method. We gonna find error message after running Full Flash process if we doing ERASE FLASH first before we have backup rpl. For example an IMEI error case like this : IMEI: 1234560654321. It could not be fixed if we have no RPL backup file of phone we are handled. That's the reason why we should have to Backup RPL first before running FULL FLASHING. This is the simply way for us to starting full flash method using MX Key dongle on NOKIA BB5 phone generations with savely. And i hope it could help for everybody doing Cell Phones repairing. Thank you very much for every little attention to this meaningless blog.
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