Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sony Ericsson K310i Dead phone solution

       This is a long document which i'm most looking for and want me to post on this blog. But because forgetting where i keep so failed to do. But after a long time i had no longer care suddenly i found the document. And without waiting time again i immediately secured in a Remove able disk. And on this occasion finally realized my desire to expose my ignorance as a NEWBIE, this happen on my first time doing flashing using SETool. This error also became my teachers in using SETool, for that i really want to give this example to my friends. This case happens when i do a repair software that Sony Ericsson K310i blinking after a master reset by the owner of the phone. Once the phone is connected properly to the SETool flasher and i click 'Identify' the message 'RESTORATION FILE NOT PRESENT'  and the exhortation to'PERFORM FULL FLASH', i just ignore these messages in the logs SETool.
  And i decided to do 'Recovery' only. Apparently this is a catastrophe that makes me frenzy, because it resulted in the total dead cell phone. When i click back to 'Identify' the messages that appears in the logs SETool be; err: bad answer [00]
Then i decided to 'Empty Fill & Repair' but this no longer able to solve the problems i encountered as a result of the continuing failure during the repair  process GDFS file.
Next i tried another solution by using a UFS 3, but the case has encountered even more complicated again. After i select the type of K310 on SEDBx then click the 'Boot' results that appeared just emerging as a Sony Ericsson K320 and its happen automatically every time i click the 'Boot'.
       Can you imagine how my head was dizzy, this is the result of the way i do when using SETool without the  guidance of teachers at all. What i know just defining the meaning and intent of any button on SETool. Fortunately, GOD is still generous to me by giving instructions to keep trying and not give up so easily, and this might make friends as well as a solution when subjected to same things as i see it. Here is how to make the K310 cell phone can came on again after the case above.

1. Open setool2g
2. Select K310 on Phone Type
3. Click the 'Identify' hopes can still be detected by setool2g
4. Then click 'Settings' see in the picture what i check on this initially just to try to interpret the meaning of 'Patch' in the settings menu, but this turn out to be my ultimate weapon is very powerful.
5. Back to 'Sony Ericsson'
6. Click 'Add' to include main firmware file of K310, after that click 'Add' again to insert FS file which is the language and content support files.
7. After all has been filled proceed by clicking the 'Flash'
8. Wait for Flashing and Patching GDFS to complete whole process
9. After the entire process is completed a message will appear as shown below
10. Click the 'Identify' button, see a message that appears on SETool logs message, do not take any risks with doing that is not necessary. At that point i just think to click on the 'Unlock/Repair'
11. Click on 'Unlock/Repair' to fisnishing
12. After 'Unlock/Repair' finished you can see 'RESTORATION FILE NOT PRESENT' but don't worry, release the phone from SETool and try to switch it on. Your phone will be back like a new phone. FINISH

       I hope with this unforgettable experience can make friends work more thorough and careful. Always note the message that appears on each log message the software device you use, do not be hasty in determining their own choice as i do. Because this will lead to our own dizzy especially if no one who can we turn to for help or share your experiences as i faced. And always remember that you meet each failure because it could be a teacher should not be bought until whenever.
       Thus solving a problem that occurs on the Sony Ericsson K310i which i have done and successful. Please apply if you fail to perform the method of 'Empty Fill & Repair' to do the repair GDFS file. Actually the damage is due to a corrupt GDFS file so that the phone cannot do the startup.
       Hope can bring value to my friends who are still as stupid as i am NEWBIE, you should never feel satisfied and feel better than others. Thank you

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuuh...

Arek NGAJUM IsoIso Ae ( The Singo MUMETH ) 

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