Sunday, December 18, 2011

MS Windows 7 Ultimate

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Windows 7 is the operating system Vista should have been – it starts up relatively quickly,drivers already exist to make peripherals such as scanners and printers work with it, and it does clever things that XP, the version of Windows most people still use, just doesn’t.
The installation process took over an hour, but once up and runningWindows 7’s advantages were impressive. Gathering information from 168,941 user files, settings and “programs” was time consuming for the automated installer, and so was expanding 2340MB of files. However, at least the process was clearly saying what it was doing, and made it obvious that it hadn’t in fact crashed midway through.
The two facets that are at the heart of Windows 7 are based around the “Homegroup”, and new ways of inputting and viewing information. The Homegroup means that you can group together a number of things, from MP3 players to other computers, and so as soon as you join the network, you can instantly see everything you’ve seen before. Music, films and files really are available instantly. This idea is certainly not new, but the breakthrough comes in simplifying the sharing process to accommodate the countless videos, digital pictures and albums that people have created using digital technology.Windows Media Player, too, now supports far more file formats.
The new ways of dealing with information, mean while, mean that touchscreens are much better supported – in the future they will need to be – and that forthcoming applications based around combining television and the internet will slot in neatly, too. The same integration applies to online services such as social networking site Facebook, and, for instance, Windows Live with its shared picture galleries.
The icons here are bigger too, but they don’t look patronising. The idea is that fat fingers should be as useful as the tiny pointer ofa mouse. Shaking individual windows can be used to activate certain features, as well, which could be a natural move with a finger on a touch-screen, but not with the mouse.

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