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Solution for NOKIA 2505 screen damage

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This time we have a discuss about how to fixing an error on NOKIA 2505 to the display screen. Catch 'em all here on only

1. Black screen / blue.
when the phone is turned on the display on the screen is black or blue only.

a. If the phone is turned on at a typical loading tone nokia phones:
- Try using the phone to make calls to customer service number of operator you use.

b. When phone calls can be used to do check the voltage on screen connector found on the front flip pcb / pcb who are on the back of  lcd.

@ If result is declared all in accordance with the reference it can be ascertained permanently damaged lcd screen
@ If there is a discrepancy in the results of measurements of pins found on the pcb lcd screen:

* Do check the condition that looked plain view on the flexible LCD screen. by naked eye if not found problems flexibly, do check using a multi tester / avo meter by measuring x1ohm stride.
* if it is flexible damaged replace with new ones (I will explain how to perform flexible replacement nokia 2505 on the next show.
* if the test results using a multi tester also found no damage to the flexible, do check the next step ic lcd display driver. if found error just change his ic lcd display driver.
*. if the result of all the work included replacing the lcd screen with a new one not yet produced results, it indicates you make a mistake like preformance to check the previous steps. to do re-check it carefully from the beginning.

       2. The display screen is just white lcd
The first symptoms:

@ When the phone is turned on phone lcd display on the screen is just white alone (sometimes in a few cases I have encountered the NOKIA brand writings also appear on the lcd screen) and then the phone does not react to anything and stay in condition and led lcd white screen stays on. when you try to turn off mobile phones it can not be turned off via the on / off switch located on the key board. forced to do by disconnecting the battery directly.

the solution:
* do re-flashing the phone using the appropriate firmware and higher versions to upgrade phone software.
* Do not do erase flash or anything that may result in ESN phones will disappear. because this will lead you lead you to the service center of NOKIA. Unless you can afford to buy a dongle and  phoenix service software flasher box.
note: if you use phoenix service software cracked version and you try to do repair imei, then Get ready to grin horse for failure .. haa haa ... haa ...
there is no box of software that is able or authorized to do repair imei, only write rpl imei from your backup results and unlock network only.
Although it is cyclone box, whirlwind box, Mamiri wind box or boxes of software that brings a variety of wind and storm names.
@ if a white lcd screen but it would happen exactly the same case with the discussion at number one.
solution: do the correct procedure and to check carefully as in the case of number 1.

3. Lcd screen white and there are some that look a bit blurry and disjointed (in some cases I have encountered often accompanied by writings or letters reversed)
* for cases like this are very easy, just replace the phone with a new flexible
Note: The flexible type of flip phone has several flexible layers arranged in such a way. so you do not see the surface and back course from flexible. check also the condition that exists between flexible flexible front and rear. From my experience physically flexible in the middle is much more thin and vulnerable to damage, ripped or torn.

So a little analysis to determine and examine the damage that occurs in nokia 2505 lcd screen. To do the repair this type of software on the phone you must use the CCS software because this phone uses QUALCOMM.
May be useful and give a little extra knowledge and insight to us all the NEWBIE universal highway.
To all the friends NEWBIE do not forget to follow the next post as a continuation of this post about step by step process of flexible replacement NOKIA 2505.
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