Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Z300i sim card Problem Troubleshooting

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Case Detected by phone :
  • Insert Sim Card
There is easy step to solve the problem due to insert sim card used to do to me :
  1. Clean Sim Card of corrosive surface
  2. Clean Phone Sim Card Connector

See the schema below to understanding the problem

  • J2 means Sim Card's connector
  • 1 [pink colored]  : this pin for sim card supply
  • 2 [green colored] : this pin RESET
  • 3 [yellow colored] : this pin of sim card CLOCK
  • 4 [Uncolored] : pin for sim card GND [grounding]
  • 5 [Uncolored] : NC pin [No Connection] forget this pin
  • 6 [Light blue colored] : pin for sim card I/O [will identify your operator name and fitures]
In case have to make a jumper or wiring line, you have to remove first every single componnent connect to each pin. Then make a jumper

The picture above explain where the sim card connector pin go to the power ic. The picture show you that pins number 41, 42, 43 and 44 are go to sim connector pins. Check them one by one if you want to make a jumper to the sim connector. The line i have colored should have jumpered to the same color on the sim connector pins.

In my case i had to re-hot the U4 ic so the phone no need to show INSERT SIM anymore. I have had cleaned the sim card and all the pins connector, but they not working fo' me. The supply for sim card tested good. Then i try to re-hot the chip before i make a decission to jumpering the line. And its work. Those could be learn before doing something further.

Hopefullly Useful

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