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IMEI Backup and Restore [SIMPLE no-root for SAMSUNG]

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30th July 2012, 02:15 AM
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[TOOL] IMEI Backup and Restore [SIMPLE no-root]

This is a simple and easy way to backup and restore your IMEI.


1) Download NV reader/writer
HERE and install THESE drivers.

2) Dial *#7284# and select "Qualcomm USB Settings" then check "RMNET + DM + MODEM".

*If you are running a aosp rom (cm9,cm10,aokp etc) you can use the diag method described

3) Save item 00550 with NV reader/writer. This backs up your IMEI only. Please watch and follow the steps in the demonstration video.

*If you want a FULL NV backup read the phone with the default values [Range (Dec): 00000-65535].

*A full NV backup with be around 3mb and an IMEI only backup will be roughly 4kb.

4) Dial *#7284# and select "Qualcomm USB Settings" then check "MTP + ADB".

Demonstration video


THIS custom built tool to easily generate a backup file with your properly formatted IMEI to restore your phone!

1) Enter your IMEI (find it behind your battery) in the text box up top, hit generate then hit save.

2) Use "NV-Item reader writer" to write the saved text file back to your phone and then reboot.


Time and money have been invested into this project so donations are appreciated.


ATTENTION: I need a copy of someones full backup. Requirements are that you never flashed an AOSP rom (CM9, CM10, AOKP) and that your SGS3 is T-mobile. I need this to work on the data issue!
Update: The data issue is still being worked on and some progress has been made but there is still not a solid easy fix. IF YOU MADE A BACKUP THEN GOT THE DATA BUG, PLEASE MAKE A SECOND BACKUP SO THAT I CAN COMPARE THE BEFORE/AFTER!

wasalamualaikum wr wb
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