Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mcnpro Suite version 2.1.5


Mcnpro Suite version 2.1.5, Copyright 2007-2012 Mcnbox Team

Mcnpro Box version 3.4.0

McnPro Box is Professional Phone Software Solution, the best
software for china mobile.and it's a unibox so such some free
software you can direct use .

Support many chips such as MTK,AGE,Anyka,ADI/AD,SPD,SKY,TI,INF,AGERE,
OM,Si4904,CDMA,Mstar,CoolSand etc.

Used to Unlock,Repair,Change language,change IMEI and so on.

Virtual oscilloscope

Free solution - Virtual oscilloscope

Using Mcnpro adapter "+" "-" as a probe cable
- Black one to GND
- Red one as a Probe

ChinaRes editor 1.3.0

This is free solution for all mcnpro box customer,Can edit your
China mobile phone resource, like Language¡¢Ringtons¡¢Photos
and Fonts, Working for China Phone Platforms like MTK Spreadtrum


-Spreadtrum (Nand¡¢Nor), MTK Supported
-Translation by dictionary
-Manual translation
-Change language name in the phone menu
-UNICODE Supported
-Media (Photos Ringtons)and fonts Import & Export
-Edit (Customize) Language

Official website:

For New update information/documentation please visit official
website section at:


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