Saturday, March 2, 2013

Read Firmware CROSS M 96 T [ Mstar ]


Have no phone firmware to fix phone software trouble, but have a phone on hand ??? this is the most good answer for collect a firmware.

1. Run your MCN Pro box, for the best use the latest version of it.

2. Hit Usb Scan on UI, select compatible cable for phone. Connect USB to the phone and give it PS from the clamps then hit Holding Power On Read status.
3. Next hit Switched on and Charge pin. Hold continuosly BOOT button 'till all pins already detected.

4. Watch carefully every time the phone boot up, see the battery charging and/or battery message on the phone display on each boot up display. For battery charging or battery message you should hit YES for others hit NO.

5. See also Task Bar notification for your system installing USB Driver.
6. Next is the time for gathering of what we need, yesss....the phone firmware exactly. Hit Read button on UI to get it.

7. Save your firmware.

No more begger for firmware during next task to perform repairing phone software trouble. That all we need for everytime fix CHINA phones.


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