Monday, August 11, 2014

Install MFI Multiloader 2013 on Windows 7 32bit


Need to install and download:
  1. BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 710 ( not version 10 because it's need for BlackBerry OS 10 )
  2. Complete files of MML v2.0.1.3 ( better torrent it )
  3. uTorrent or other torrent machine you like.
1. Install BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Kill all running process and services after install BlackBerry Desktop Manager by Task Manager ( it need if you need to copy and paste BBDevMgr to C:\Program Files\Common Files\ Research in motion\USB Driver).
Right click taskbar and choose Task Manager. Tab Process click RIMBBLaunchAgent then End Process.
Tab Services right click BlackBerry Device Manager click Stop Service. Then you can copy and replace original BBDevMgr with the same you've downloaded. Close Task Manager.

Install uTorrent, and download this file:

 MFI Multiloader Complete v2.0.1.3

2. Compressed all files had been torrent, find a file name MMLSetup.part9. The the folder and double click MMLSetup.msi. It will give you a shortcut to MFI Multiloader.exe on your desktop.
3. Extract file name All8files.part1 by right click and extract here. Then you'll got MML folder. Copy this folder to C:\
[replace all existing files on the choice window show up.]
4. Extract file name Actualizacion MML, copy all files in the folder to C:\MML\Bin. Replace all existed.
5. If you have different files and has configuration file given then you need to copy that as it explained on point number 1 above and read carefully for succeed of installing MFI Multiloader.
6. Double click MFI Multiloader icon on your desktop to try running it. ( First before doing this, PLEASE!!! disconnect your internet connection )

Thank You
Next topic will be how to install MFI Multiloader on Windows 8.1 and give it administrator privilage
See you on next topic
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