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Install MFI Multiloader v2.0.1.3 on Windows 8.1

This method assuming that you've been install MFI Multiloader v1.8.1.3 already. What we need is updating to version
.NET Framework 2.0 installed
This step will explain installation procedure on Windows 8.1 32 bit architecture machine.
If you have an anti virus installed on it you better to stop it's process for while during installation [ think: many anti virus programs catch kind of this program False Positive. Also due to AVAST i am using on my machine ].
I have also both BlackBerry program installed on it, there are BlackBerry Desktop Manager and BlackBerry Link.
If you have downloaded the full installer of MFI Multiloader [aka MML] there will be five kinds of files on your extracted folder:
1. MML Setup
2. Actualization
3. Configurations
4. Re-register MML
5. Parts of MML update files

Extract them one by one in the different folder so you will easily to find your file need to run. For MML Setup it should be the setup of MFI Loader v1.8.1.3 if i don't wrong. Install it first and see to your C:\. There will be a new folder name MML and also a new shortcut on your desktop.
Extract Configuration.rar, replace Configuration.xml on C:\MML\Configuration with your new extracted Configuration.rar.
Now for the parts of MML files you only need to right click Part1 and choose extract here then your extractor will extract the other files too. Copy MML to C:\MML and choose "Replace the files in the destination" on PopUp. So the old MML will replaced by the update files.

Next extract Actualization.rar, copy all extracted files to C:\MML\Bin.
The last is extract your re-register mml file, there will be two files extracted. Copy BbDevMgr.exe to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\USB Driver. Then run batch file by double clickin' on register_MMLedit_drcom.bat. That's all you need to do to install MFI MultiLoader on Windows 8.1.
CAUTION: Before copy and paste BbDevMgr.exe you need to stop the running process of BlackBerry program through the TASK MANAGER. 
To do that just see to the bottom left corner of the desktop, there will be a button of Windows 8.1 START. Right click it and choose TASK MANAGER. On the TASK MANAGER window, tab Process please stop be End Task of:
1. Blackberry Dev Man
2. BlackBerry Link Comm
3. BlackBerry Link Peer Man
4. RIM MDNS Service

Tab Services then right click and stop following:
1. RIM Tunnel Service
3. BlackBerry Dev Man

Now time to make it safe for Windows through Windows Firewall, so there won't show warning popup each time you run it.
Right click START button > Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allow an app or feature > Change Setting > Allow another app > Browse:
Expand your C: and also MML > click bin > click MML.exe or MML > Open > Add > OK > OK. Close the window.



If you are using AVAST anti virus you could give it an EXCLUSIONS that make AVAST never care to what it's to do during running. 
Open AVAST Dashboard > Details Icon > Scan Icon > Settings link > Axclusions Icon > Add
Choose your C:\MML and all of contents of this folder should be CHECKED. Then AVAST will never Scan your MFI MultiLoader.

Now you can safely running MFI MultiLoader As Administrator.


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