Friday, February 17, 2012

BlackBerry 9530 not Well perform touch screen

Asalamualaikum Wr Wb

As time goes on the use of an electronic device it will show some of the problems that arise as a result of hours of operating the device itself.
Similarly, a smart phone devices BlackBerry 9530 class, as good as any BlackBerry device will eventually be damaged as well.
In the discussion this time we will review how to fix the BlackBerry 9530 that has constraints on its touch screen. In other words BlackBerry 9530 touch screen becomes unresponsive or is no longer sensitive to the touch of your fingers.
Here are the steps that we will work through, in this discussion we will take the easiest way to solve these problems.

1. The first process we will disassemble the entire device BlackBerry 9530
2. Open the 4 screws on the rear BlackBerry casing. 2 screws was covered by a cover of the camera, so you have to first remove the cover before releasing it to the 4 screws.

3. Off the front cover of the bottom casing, then will see 2 screws behind it. Remove the two screws.

4. Now remove the rear casing as shown in the following figure.

5. After the casing is open off two pieces of flexible connectors which are flexible and versatile touch screen LCD screen. Also off a jumper coaxial jack which is a jumper to signal LED indicator.
6. Then separate the casing as shown below.
7. The next step will remove the main board of your BlackBerry 9530 casing.
8. Clean touch screen flexible connector as shown in FIG.
After completion of all these processes, replace all the phones that have been disassembled. Perform the test after the repairs if the touch screen has become more sensitive again as before the damage.
If the condition has returned to normal the Touch Screen you do not need to do anything else. Thus your task is complete.
If the job does not produce any results and the sensitivity of the touch screen you are still just as bad as the conditions before you make improvements, then you have to way to replace the touch screen sensitivity censor that attaches to the back of the lcd screen ( see the picture on no.6 ).
Replace it with a new censor, in this way insysaallah  the Touch Screen that not sesitve disease will heal.
So what can I share on this occasion.
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