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Flashing NOKIA 7210c did not want to Start

Asalamualaikum Wr Wb 

Characteristic of this kind of damage can we know when we turn on the mobile phone screen NOKIA logo appears and then came the phone settings such as setting time and date. But when going on a date and time settings as if the keypad is damaged or not functioning.

And the next moment the phone screen so white as in the case of blank screen followed by the loss of the entire display on the screen like when you turn off the phone, but some time later will re-appear similar to the previous view that I can illustrate such events have on the phone restart . And the next event will be the same as at the beginning of a different explanation is the next phone will be completely dead. But turn back when you press the on / off on the keyboard.

Here I will give way to carry out repairs using million people of Tornado flasher box.

Prepare your work equipment such as:

1. Tornado UFS + HWK Original, N-Box or UFS Micro
2. NOKIA 7210c latest firmware version
3. Flash cable that is compatible with the NOKIA 7210c (can use flash cable UFC NOKIA BB5 and 5310EM cable)
step by step process of flashing:

1. After a flasher box and computer well-connected, click the tab 'BB5' and then select the type of phone NOKIA 7210c. In such cases I make sure the phone can still be bootable easily by UFS, although when I tried booting via USB and f-Bus use the MX  Dongle result is always ' No response from phone please check ... blah .. blah ... blah ... '

2. Fill in all the firmware (UFS BB5 type will not boot if you do not charge a minimal MCU) and click the 'Check'. I recommend that you fill all the data MCU, PPM, and IMAGE (CNT).
3. After appearing on the log data 'Result / Events' you do not need to click on the 'Info' because it would be useless because it does not produce any results on the log 'Result/ Events'.
4. The next action is to know where the location fault happened to the phone system. This is all you have to do to you as a technician is able to know where the weaknesses and cause damage to a cell phone problem.
5. Click the 'Verify' to find out, when the window pops up warning that the MCU data do not exist or is not compatible with the phone even though you have entered all data phones firmware, you should not be confused with a direct move into the firmware storage folder. For the first time after  in the storage folder entered MCU firmware file then click 'OK' or 'Open'. Do the same when UFS further stepping on verify on the area PPM and CNT.

6. After all the 'Verify' appears in the log 'Result / Events' scroll to find out all mobile data errors that occur. And UFS will show the detection of damage to your phone with accurate data. See the following pictures.

7. Because of all mobile data damaged then proceed to do a full flashing to update the data on your phone system. That is why I recommend using the latest firmware version of the phone is being repaired.
8. Change 'Scenario' to 'Manual' and click the 'Flash'. Wait for full flashing process runs to completion.

9. After full flashing process is complete well do the process of finishing. Check the boxes [v] in some options in the "UI Options" then click the "UI Settings'. Wait a few moments to complete the finishing process on the log 'Result/Events' all messages OK.

10. After the whole process of full flashing and finishing is done click 'Check' to boot the phone after full flashing process.
11. Then click the 'Info' to see changes to the new phone system data.

12. Click on 'Disconnect' then unplug the phone and the flash cable from UFS Tornado. ENDS

Such a way that I think is very easily understood and followed. As far as the experience I have only this way I do when fixing a problem in mobile data systems, better known by software defects.
Weakness and strength of my explanation, I apologize profusely. If anyone has a better suggestion than I please explain your comment, perhaps it also provides benefits for others co-NEWBIE.

For your visit I thank you profusely.

Thank you very high due to the Almighty ALLAH who has given the gift of health and grace and not dull this brain, so it can continue to share experiences and knowledge to others and continue the destiny of life that has YOU breathe to your servant from the mother's womb preformance.

Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim Al Khaliq

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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