Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Convert Youtube Video Files to mp3 using Real Player Converter

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       Fed up with music video clips downloaded from Youtube that are not qualified ??? do not always regret it, maybe the music was like. Let us take the music files only and we dispose of the trash video files. It also can decrease on space on your hard drive. Let us use the facilities provided by a Real Player in the form of a video converter program.
       Let us use the facilities provided by a Real Player in the form of a video converter program. Perform the following steps to open a Real Player Converter. Click the Windows 'Start' > All Programs > Real > Real Player Converter.

1. After the program opens, change the setting on the tab 'Convert to'. Click on its tab and select 'Audio Format'
2. Choose Mp3 to convert the audio format

3. Click 'Add' to insert Youtube audio video files to be use as an Mp3 audio files format.

4. Note the size of the file before converting, in this example contained a file of 20,2mb.
5. On the tab 'Save in', select where/output folder to save the converted files as you like and easy to remember.
6. Click 'Start' to begin the process of converting
7. After the converting process is finished remove the check mark on 'Add converted files to my iTunes library' if you do not install iTunes on your computer, then click 'OK'

8. Close the Real Player Converter program.

       Open the output storage area, right click the file and select 'Properties' then you can know how the size of audio files convert Mp3 result.
       So a bit of a way to use Real Player Converter program as far as i know. By doing convert the video music files using Real Player Converter we can save space on our hard drive up to 15mb more.

       Hopefully this guide can provide benefits for all NEWBIE colleagues were perplexed to find audio video converter program.
Beside the Real Player there is also a video audio free programs such as VLC which can convert video audio files as well. However, to save hard drive space i hope that you install one program only. For the Real Player you can read on my post about Real Player
For your attention and visit my colleagues i want to say a thank you profusely.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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