Thursday, September 13, 2012

SAMSUNG SGH-B520 Dark Screen [What's goin' on]

Asalamualaikum WR WB

Phone : SAMSUNG SGH-B520 [Slide]

Diagnose :
  • make and receive call work
  • dark screen
  • everything work fine except no display
See pictures below for what you need to

1. Disassembling the whole phone

2. Connect the new flex marked LCD to its connector on the front keyboard PCB

3. Pair the slider to the display back frame

4. Pull down the slider until the flex placed under it, pair the keyboard frame on it then tight with its 4 screws

5. Half push to up the slider until you see flex out more longer under the slider, connect the flex MAIN socket to the mainboard connector. Then place the mainboard as picture above

6. Pair the back cover and tight with 6 screws of its.

After all slide your phone and insert the battery then turn it ON, see what happens to your phone now. Does it getting your screen back normaly. JUST SEE

To disassembling the whole phone just starting from 6th step to the 1st step. Its easy to do

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wasalamualaikum wr wb

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