Saturday, August 31, 2013

MX Key: Application Error on Windows 8


If you gotten this error report window on your Windows 8 at the first time running MX Key on it, this could be a simple reason to resolving that trouble.
The window error report will says : The Smart card resource manager is not running
application error

Q: did you install smart card driver, this should be a 32bit or 64bit ROCKEY driver ?
A: Yes
Q: Do you restart your system when driver already installed ?

OK this could be the error report comes to your desktop, then how to fix ?

1. Leave your MX Key connected to PC
2. Restart your PC, next PC will recognize your new hardware.
3. Run mobileEx.exe.
4. At the very first use it needs to Sign Application first to create correct hardware registry on your system. And its also will check your software need to upgrade and or repair [ Online ]
sign application

5. Hit OK on MX Key error window and next hit Sign Application
sign application-b

6. Next to do is hit Synchronize Files to check update available for all modul and files
synchronize files

7. Hit Update on MX Key Update Sync dialog box, and wait all finished [ that's why should be online ]
8. After all have finish, hit YES on Confirmation dialog window to restart MX Key after upgrade
mx key update

9. Now time to taste your working MX Key with all new features on modul
mx key modules

Guns 'n Roses telling me It's so easy

HAVE A NICE DAY and Thank you

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