Friday, August 23, 2013

NOKIA 3105 RH-48 Phone Restricted


Phone Restricted could be happen about wrong firmware has choose on flashing. Can it fix by software..?
Yes absolutely. Let's fix it

- Before flashing any phone you better save each data can be readout from the phone even it completely dead.
- Install first firmware need.
- Go to C: \Program Files\Nokia\CDMA\nfp folder. Open nfp folder then extract a file with .nfp extention, now you will got correct firmware to flash to phone.
- Open UFS DCTxBB5
phone restricted-1

- Fill MCU with file.nep, PPM with, and CNT with file.ucp_x
- Connect phone and hit Check, if you can't boot the phone please press phone power button
phone restricted-2

- Now get Info from phone, if ESN still stay there you're very lucky. 'cause it will not takes to long.
phone restricted-3

Next save PM file to make phone back to mode when gathering nothing on repair
phone restricted-4

- Check again MCU,PPM, and so CNT before perform flashing. If all OK now hit Write Flash
phone restricted-5

After flash complete now time to write PM, give it fresh PM. You can use other same PM from other normal phone and same model. And hit Wr PM
phone restricted-6
phone restricted-7

- Next do UI Settings by hit on its button
phone restricted-8

OK now everything has just finished

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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