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UFS+HWK New Update and How To UPGRADE [ version 22july2013 ]


Good news, has released on july 22 2013 the new version of HWK update client for upgrading our UFSx box + HWK. By this release now we can't download separately the setup files from saruna. All task to upgrade are using online method. That may could a trouble for the reason of bad quality of internet connection. I recommend you to using a cable connection, don't use a wireless connection. Except you pay for the best wireless connection. If you have bad as mine better using cable connection and it work fo' me. I wont say anything 'bout sarassoft new server, because it work very good. Don't forget to kill your anti virus 'till all process finished and hwk ready to use. For professional advance user it would be not so hard. But for us the newbies it will confusing when trouble comes. But don't worry, i will let you know how to do. LET's DO IT. Don't forget to uninstall old version, you can do it by Start menu or Control Panel.

Step 1:
We need a new hwk support suite setup, but we can't go to the sarunasoft support when still running old version
To resolving that i would like to help you all the ufs HWK users whose don't has it already.
You can download it below

Step 2:
Extract what you've download and run it as admin if you running Windows 7 or just double click it on Windows XP. It will create a desktop icon name USF_Panel, connect UFS to PC and run it to start.
upgrade hwk-1

Step 3:
Once its open you'll face a new upgrade wizard UI. If you do step 2 as wrote, it will detect your UFS on Hardware tab.
upgrade hwk-2

Step 4:
On Hardware first click Check Box, it will reads your box id and serial. Again i'm warn you to establish a good internet connection because it will takes over an hour to complete all sessions.
upgrade hwk-3

Step 5:
Next click on Update Box button to start upgrading our HWK. Remember this will only upgrading HWK, if it successfully you still can't go to support saruna software. Because it doesn't have Support button like the older.
upgrade hwk-4

Step 6: 
Now Tab Software, click Check Server to checkout how many files need to fix on upgrading. All need to upgrade will checked if you an advance user you can uncheck some you don't want. But if you're a new left them like it use to be, don't make any change.
upgrade hwk-5

Step 7: 
If there is no problem you can straight to update by clicking Install button. When show error on Install don't be panic. Back to tab Hardware again and back to click Check Box. Then You can go back to tab Software and re-click Check Server and next click on Install.
upgrade hwk-6

Step 8:
After click Install it start to upgrade your HWK. Wait and see, at some reasons i recommend you to kill your anti virus. Some files caught as virus by my MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIAL. So it will bothering too much on upgrade process. The upgrade will start to download and install UFS Sams, UFS LGGsm, UFS DCTxBB5 and the last UFS SEDBx. If you not make any change it will create desktop icon for all, so it will useful for check the process failed or succeed.
upgrade hwk-7
upgrade hwk-8

Step 9:
The left over files failed to upgrade would be stay check marked.
upgrade hwk-8

Step 10:
To resolving that you need to perform clicking Install button again. If it wasn't work you don't need to be panic or event hang up. There will be some UFS shortcut icon on the desktop, you can minimize wizard and try UFS DCTxBB5 to proof it failed. And don't gave up if Install process still failed.
upgrade hwk-9
upgrade hwk-10
upgrade hwk-11

Step 11:
To resolving this, then get back upgrade wizard to desktop, back to tab Hardware and Check Box again. You can check how many files exactly left caused upgrade failed.
upgrade hwk-12

Step 12:
Next Tab Software again and do Check Server first then click Install. And see below this call succeed.
upgrade hwk-13

Once all has finished don't forget to copy sam_DHT so you can run UFS_SAMs and sure to flashing SAMSUNG ANDROID,unlock bootloader and more using THE SUPER MAGIC UFS TORNADO with HWK. Now try to run UFS DCTxBB5 to check what changed.
upgrade hwk-14
upgrade hwk-15
upgrade hwk-16

Don't forget to go to support area to download of what you need there. Now it becomes more powerful. Hopes it will beat MXBOX on the next update and it is reasonable.
Have you go to the support area with this new version and make it??? i have, and you should...

For more samsung DHT, bleow some links fo ya:

I think it wasn't so difficult, its only need to know why gathering error and how to handle failed process. Hopefully it will gift profit to all my blog reader. And thank you so much for every you comes here to

Happy New Year 1434 for All Moslems around the world.

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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