Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cyanogen Mod 10.1 By FreeXperia Project


 HowTo Install
    All info regarding unlocking procedure is on SONY website
    a. copy update
        copy coresponding to your device to sdcard
    b. copy GAPPS
        due to legal rules gapps are not provided into main rom
        google for gapps package and copy on sdcard
    a. extract boot.img from zip file
    b. power off device
    c. press volume up (2012 devices) / menu (2011 devices)
    d. plug usb and blue led will be lit
    e. on computer type in same folder where you have boot.img
        fastboot flash boot boot.img
        fastboot reboot
        !!! you have to have fastboot.exe in same folder !!!
    while FXP logo is displayed (and lights are lit) press several times volume up to enter CWM (recovery)
    to update main rom select
        a.Install zip from sdcard
        b.choose zip from sdcard your update (copied at step 2)
    to flash gapps redo steps a-c and select gapps package
        !!! use gapps version designed for your android version !!!
    from cm9 device wipe is necessary only at first flash or when you switch cm version
    !!! if after boot you experience ForceClose then is recomended to reboot to recovery and wipe device
    is not recomended to format your partitions unless you are advised to do otherwise
8. reboot and enjoy

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FXP240 - mirror
FXP239 - mirror
FXP238 - mirror
FXP237 - mirror
FXP235 - mirror
FXP234 - mirror
FXP233 - mirror
FXP232 - mirror
FXP231 - mirror
FXP230 - mirror
FXP229 - mirror
FXP228 - mirror
FXP227 - mirror
FXP226 - mirror
FXP225 - mirror
FXP224 - mirror
FXP223 - mirror
FXP222 - mirror
FXP221 - mirror
FXP220 - mirror
FXP219 - mirror
FXP218 - mirror
FXP217 - mirror
FXP216 - mirror
FXP215 - mirror
FXP214 - mirror
FXP213 - mirror
FXP212 - mirror
FXP211 - mirror
FXP210 - mirror
FXP209 - mirror
FXP208 - mirror
FXP206 - mirror
FXP205 - mirror
FXP204 - mirror
FXP203 - mirror
FXP201 - mirror

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