Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Install FLASHTOOL XPERIA Driver on Windows 7 [ How To ]


Step by step guide on how to install Flashtool Driver on windows 7. This driver include to Flashtool v0.9.12.1 installer package, but it's should to install manually for your Flashtool works on XPERIA devices.
It's will install about 13 kinds of Xperia driver for some Xperia generations that will start for Xperia X8 'till the last.
OK now we start install the driver.

1. Go to Flashtool installation drive, example; C:\Flastool\drivers
2. If you are not log on as administrator, copy flashtool driver.exe to your desktop
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 1

3. Next Right click the .exe file and choose Run as administrator to start installing it's. At the first wizard just click Next.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 2

4. On the next window, take a look at ' Select components to install '. Check all by click 'em all one by one, so you'll got all drivers need by Xperia devices. Then click Install to start.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 3

5. When driver installer running there will show a new window. Click Next on new Driver installation wizard to continuing driver installation.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 4

6. The setup will copying all drivers to windows system, and on the running process it will shows windows security information window to your desktop. Choose ' Install this driver software anyway ' every time this security alert comes.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 5

7. After completion the driver installation you can scrool down to see what has just installed.
Then click Finish to close it.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 6

8. Next for the last step click Finish to close Flashtool Driver setup window and restart you PC.
Flashtool Xperia Flasher 7

By now your Flashtool will detect Xperia Devices connected cleverly. Thousand thanks and thumbs to androxyde.

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