Monday, October 14, 2013

NOKIA E5-00 Dead Phone Flashing via MXKey


Step by step how to flashing nokia E5-00 dead phone using MXKey dongle and USB cable only

1. Open MXKey, full charged battery, USB cable CA-101
2. Set interface to NOKIA USB ROM then Connect
3. Click Bus Check, connect USB then insert battery to phone
mxkey dead phone flashing 1
4. Before starting to flash the phone, save some important phone's data.
5. Tab Service, at the first try to fix phone problem do an easy step to reset the phone by checking some items on Factory Value Reset then click Reset Selected. Sometimes this fix the phone.
mxkey dead phone flashing 2
6. Next go to IMEI & Security > IMEI Rebuild on the left pane then you can backup IMEI number by clickin' Read IMEI. And save the RPL for service stock
mxkey dead phone flashing 3

mxkey dead phone flashing 4
7. Next don't forget to read and save PM file. Some troubles can be detected by this process. On PM perform  Read PM
mxkey dead phone flashing 5
8. If the trouble couldn't fixed by the easy step above, then you need to do flashing the whole firmware to the phone. Choose correct firmware for each item
mxkey dead phone flashing 6

9. When you do believe nothing wrong to the firmwares now you can click Flash to start flashing the phone
mxkey dead phone flashing 7

10. After all has completed disconnect USB, pull out the battery for seconds. Then insert all needed by the phone to normally operation and turn on the phone
mxkey dead phone flashing 8

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