Friday, October 25, 2013

RM-189 Nokia 2310 Flash error solution on Hardware


In case you have an error report on UFS when flashing dead phone such as NOKIA 2310 RM-189 like i did. Maybe this is a useful advice on how to find out of hardware trouble so we can doing flashing to the phone successfully. Watch my logs on UFS when i'm flashing a dead phone Nokia 2310
UFS Tornado HWK
Things to prepare for the troubleshooting
a working and precision digital avo meter
eye and your brain 

Open the whole phone 'till you can see all hardware on the printed board.
Set your digital multitester to DC Current measurement below 5 VDC
Go to the baseband and power up the phone using your power supply.
Check only VIO for CPU and Flash chip ic
if the result there is good 1.8 vdc currents for both chips, now you can REBALL THE FLASH CHIP IC, be careful if you have epoxy under the chip. If can't removing the chip don't do this. It can cause of out of box your phone. So do this on your own risk, i have no responsibility to the damage to your phone.
It was work for me, but i don't know with you.
After all let the phone back to normal condition and re-assemble the phone
Next do flashing the phone so it will give second life for your dead phone

wasalamualaikum wr wb

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