Saturday, December 27, 2014

BBM For BlackBerry 9790 [ standalone install ]


Today i am handle a customer's BlackBerry 9790 device in my hand. My customer need help to bring back his device 'cause it's get 4 times red led blinking.
He asked me to install also BlackBerry Messenger on it. I think it was only able to install using App World, but i'm wrong.
My customer said that he can't runs BBM on his device before it getting trouble because it wasn't include in this device. Yes he's right.
After repair the primary problem by re-flashing this device, then i am trying to install BBM on the device.
Hopefully it may helps fellow whose facing same problem with BBM in the same BlackBery device or different.
Remember!! i have flashed the devive using PBr7.1.0_rel2105_PL9.16.0.159_A7.1.0.746 for Telkomsel Vendor INDONESIA.

Prepare these to perform install BBM app, here i give the link to download.

1. BBSAK BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife:

2. BlacBerry Messenger App Files for Flash:


1. Turn ON the device, connect it by USB connection to your PC
2. Extract Both files have downloaded, place 'em to the desktop for more convenient.
3. You'll have BBM folder and BBSAK installer, run BBSAK installer to install it.
4. Check your BBM folder, there  should be bbm.jad alongside with files.cod

5. Turn ON your Device, connect it to your pc using USB connection.
6. Run BBSAK, it will caught your device by showing BB pin, that mean your device connected.

7. On BBSAK tab Modify CODs.
8. Next hit Install JAD, and OK if you found bbm.jad in the extracted bbm folder.

9. Browse your BBM folder to choose bbm.jad, the others file COD will dissapear. Nothing to worry.
10. Hit Open then BBSAK will doing it's job for few moments.

11. Then BBSAK will announce it's finished. Hit OK and close BBSAK.

12. See your device, if it is go to rebooting that mean it's work. And disconnect from pc.  Other you failed.
Don't worry if your device rebooting 2 times, just waiting.
13. Now check BBM app in your device menu. You should found it after your device reboot.

14. That's all we need.

Thank You

wassalamu'alaikum wr wb

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